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Considering a new roof on your Glasgow property?

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct spot. In Glasgow, we do between 30 and 40 new roof projects every year Glasgow. Plain tiles, natural slates, synthetic slates, and contoured tiles are also available. A new roof may boost the value of your house, provide you with peace of mind, and improve the appearance of your home. More practical reasons for replacing your roof include avoiding ongoing maintenance and corrective repairs, as well as having a fully guaranteed new roof to make your retirement worry-free.

Before you continue reading, we’d like to mention that we’re proud members of the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors), the UK’s premier roofing regulatory organisation. To be considered for membership in this prestigious organisation, we had to meet high criteria in both our work and our administrative/office departments. The NFRC audits/tests our work standards and corporate operations on a regular basis, which means that displaying the logo to your right is a symbol of confidence, peace of mind, and professionalism.

If you are looking for something unique by designing and building your own new home, we can also provide high-quality roofing services for your exact requirements for new building homes.

Luke Lloyd Builders can advise you on the full variety of contemporary roofing goods available, acceptable alternatives for replacing roofs on listed and heritage sites, and the best solution available to fit your specific circumstances and requirements, thanks to our years of expertise.

Luke Lloyd Builders handles a wide range of reroofing jobs, from conservatories, garages, and home extensions to complete roof replacements for both residential and commercial buildings – no job is too big or too small for us.

We project manage the entire reroofing process, including any related joinery, roughcasting, and reinstatement work, so you don’t have to take time off to organize and arrange other trades, leaving you with nothing but to enjoy the protection and beauty of your new roof.

About Us

Sean Paul
Sean Paul
The service provided throughout the whole job from start to finish was highly professional and outstanding. They took all the stress of managing a building project and delivered a fantastic result, assisted with the initial plans, and had some great ideas I would recommend their services 100%.
Rose Lai
Rose Lai
I do not judge people by the mistakes, but by how they deal with them.We felt, very quickly in safe hands.We paid a fair price, received a great service and excellent works.We couldn’t ask for more and we would recommend them (and we never do that lightly)
Arden Denofrio
Arden Denofrio
Good communication throughout and having a fixed cost agremment made it easier for us to keep to our budget.
Chelsea Clarke
Chelsea Clarke
His team were very professional.The guys were great to deal with and were happy to talk to me if I had any queries while they were working on site.They did the job in good time, with little as possible disruption to myself.They cleaned up after themselves.Overall experience was excellent.
Matthias Vasseur
Matthias Vasseur
Very helpful in discussing options and giving advice on loft conversions, possibilities, impossibilities etc. Very friendly, straight-talking and informative. Would certainly recommend to anyone considering their loft options.
Iveth Fonseca
Iveth Fonseca
The finish is of an incredibly high standard and advice & direction given when necessary was great. Couldn't recommend these guys enough and would most certainly use again if I ever required.
Barma Yandeho
Barma Yandeho
We are extremely pleased with the results. The work is of extremely high standards.It was important to us to have people we can trust. We are so happy – Thank you
Julia Sharlin
Julia Sharlin
There were helpful, responsive, great value and did a really good job. Highly recommended.
Chanel Walker
Chanel Walker
The work was completed so quickly to a very high standard. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and would definitely recommend their services.
Rodolfo Gibbs
Rodolfo Gibbs
I thought it was fitting to leave my thoughts and opinions on the business. Over the past few years, we have expanded and grown as a business and employees. I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues and our clients a-like and am looking forward to what the future holds.
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New Roof Designs That Are Unique To You

If you’re thinking about getting a new roof for your house, the first step is to contact us to schedule an inspection and a free, no-obligation quotation. Our staff of highly educated and experienced Glasgow roofers will offer advice and assist you in selecting the best new roof cover for your home. Cost, adjacent roof coverings, and the present capabilities of your timber roof structure are all factors to consider (for example, putting a heavier covering on your roof will require some structural reinforcement).

It will take approximately 6-9 working days to install a new roof on a typical household structure. As a result, you should expect scaffolding to be on your property for around two weeks. For individuals concerned about robbers or who reside in densely populated locations, we can provide scaffold alarms.

Roof coverings come at a wide range of prices, so there is generally something to suit any budget or aesthetic preference.

New roofs always include lead flashings, as well as basic chimney repairs (pointing, etc.), valley replacement, and ridge tile replacement (unless asked otherwise, for example, with ornamental ridges that you wish to keep).

We also provide a ‘tac-back’ service, in which the existing covering is examined for condition and, if found to be satisfactory, is removed and carefully preserved. The felt and battens (along with other typical re-roofing parts) are replaced, and the recovered covering is reapplied with fresh nails. After removing the slates or tiles, some material would be necessary to compensate for the damage. This choice appeals to individuals on a tight budget, those concerned with aesthetics, or those working in a conservation area where the cover must match the original design.

Roof collapse is frequently caused by nail rot. When using a tac-back, the nails are clearly refreshed when reinstalled.

The other significant cause of failure is porous coatings. The majority of roof coverings include an outer layer that is designed to resist water infiltration. Clay tiles and genuine slate are the exceptions, although they are more expensive as a result of their rarity. The outer covering of manufactured coverings wears down and deteriorates with time, enabling water to enter the covering material. Climate fluctuations such as frost, as well as general water absorption damage, contribute to material cracking.

Recent Projects

Our Latest Roofing Projects

We are the most experienced roofing specialists in the Glasgow region.


Our Work


We Can Install The Following Types of Roofing:

Regardless of your new roof’s needs, our experienced staff will be able to deliver a unique solution. Regardless of the sort of roof you have, our roof solutions are tailored to your specific needs, preferences, and budget. It’s reassuring to know that at Luke Lloyd Builders, we put a great emphasis on completing every part of the installation. First and foremost, it is of the greatest possible quality. The second step is to ensure that the project is finished on time and on budget. Here’s a rundown of the kind of roofs we frequently construct.

  • Flat Roofs

  • Slate Roofs

  • Concrete Tiles

  • Asphalt Roofing

As local roofers for a Glasgow firm, we have been trusted to complete a significant number of roofing projects. As a result, we have consistently demonstrated that our workmanship and service are of the highest quality. We are highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about industry best practices and procedures. We hope we will be able to offer you a new roof. Furthermore, you will become one of our many local clients who rely on us for new roofing in Glasgow and roofing in the West of Scotland.

Please contact us if you’d like to speak with one of our friendly professionals about your roofing requirements. We will provide you with a free quote that details the work requirements as well as all associated costs. Our experts are always willing to assist in any manner they can. As a consequence, Luke Lloyd Builders will make certain that our services suit both your roofing needs and your personal goals.

slate roof glasgow
Slate Roof
Roof with concrete roof tiles.
Concrete Tile Roof
asphalt shingles roofing texture
Asphalt Roof
flat roof glasgow
Flat Roof

Points to Think About When Buying a New Roof:

Cost – The most costly tiles are plain tiles, followed by slates. The least costly tiles are profile tiles.

Tiles – Natural Slate, Synthetic Slate, Plain Tile (bottom left), or Profile Tile are the many types of cover available (below).

LookWill a new cover make your home stand out too much from the crowd?

Locality – Choosing a local firm will unquestionably save you money. We have three offices and accomplish a large number of projects each year. We cover the whole of Glasgow, including Newton Mearns, Shawlands, Govan, Parkhead and Bearsden.

Aesthetics – Are you renewing for aesthetic or utilitarian reasons?

Structure -Do you want to replace a lighter covering with a heavier one, which may necessitate some modest structural reinforcement? We are Competent Roofers Accredited, which means we may self-certify for jobs that are similar in nature (no building control necessary!). You will still receive a certificate of completion.

Insulation – The current required insulation depth by the municipality is 270mm (when possible).

Building Control – A completion certificate is required for a new roof. As members of the Competent Roofer Association, we are allowed to self-certify most projects… As a result, there are no additional expenditures associated with building control.

Our Work Process

How Do We Quote



Contact Us

Call us on 0141 673 0237 or fill out our online form.



Our surveyor will visit your home to discuss your project


Quote Generated

An original written quote is produced.


The Work Begins

Following plan approval and acquisition of a construction permit from the local government, we will work with you to set a start date.

Why Choose US

Providing Affordable High-Quality Roofs

Problem Solution


From start to end, your project will be given individual attention. By maintaining communication with you, the client, we ensure a smooth transition between processes and, most importantly, a successful project and a satisfied customer.

planning features


When it comes to quality and architecture, the consumer comes first. We take pleasure in using only the best for your project, including the best tools, building processes, and staff.

Concrete-Roof-Tiles Glasgow


Here at Luke Lloyd Builders, we endeavour to guarantee that our firm meets the rules of industry and progress. To facilitate the comfort of our clients, our commitment to the quality of our work is demonstrated by our participation in numerous distinguished industry schemes and associations.


Building Codes and a Competent Roofer

When you decide to replace your roof, the job is eligible for a building code inspection. This entails paying the municipality a fee for a building inspector to ‘pass off the work and give you a completion certificate. Although this may be regarded as an inconvenience from a cost standpoint, most people will agree that having the work reviewed by an impartial, qualified individual can only be a positive thing. A few years ago, reputable businesses like ours were asked to apply to become members of a programme called ‘Competent Roofer.’

The system randomly evaluated (and continues to randomly test) roofing firms for compliance with building standards and expertise. Following passage, businesses were permitted to self-certify roofing projects when no structural alterations were considered necessary. This avoids the requirement for building regulations and, more crucially, the associated costs (which may be as much as £400 on a new roof). After completing the project, you will still receive the same certificate.

Building rules for new roof projects prioritise structural capabilities and insulation. Currently, insulation regulations recommend 270mm of rock wool type or 100mm of foam board insulation. These prices are subject to change, but most houses that we re-roof require a top-up. You can do the insulation yourself, but we would need to check the completed project before issuing a completion certificate.

Value for Money

Most people would agree that a new roof increases the value of your property and effectively pays for itself in terms of equity. It may be considered an investment rather than a direct expense, and the avoidance of future roofing difficulties tips the scales in favour of value for money.

If you want to sell in a few years, a new roof will make your property more desirable to purchasers, and you will almost certainly be able to boost the sale price by at least the cost of the new roof. You would have all of the necessary papers (completion certificate, warranty, etc.) to give over to your solicitor, and your home would be more energy-efficient as a result of the minimum insulation standards when replacing your roof.

From a buyer’s standpoint, I’m sure you’d agree that having a new roof installed by a respectable firm with all of the documentation is a huge plus. It is difficult to offer a ballpark number for the cost of re-roofing your house, but a new roof on a terraced property with totally new covering for an up and over apex would start at about £5299+vat. This is clearly only to give you an idea of the type of bracket you’re up against. Scaffolding, like every other component of the new roof, is included (materials, rubbish disposal etc).

Guarantees Backed by Insurance

We provide basic warranties on all new roof projects (and repairs), but for individuals who want peace of mind in the event of a company dissolving or similar circumstances, an insurance-backed guarantee is a smart choice. They are also superior to the previously mentioned selling lures. Our firm has been in operation since 1984, and we have no plans to stop! However, we are no more immune to unfavourable events than any other company. Furthermore, you may investigate us, come to know us personally, and trust us to complete your project, but the person who purchases your home will know nothing about us. This is why an insurance-backed guarantee is recommended. It will cost you around £100, and we can arrange it for you through our membership in the NFRC (the primary regulating organisation for roofers). In our view, it is worthwhile to have!


Most Popular Questions

Is it worth investing in a new roof?

Yes. A new roof is very costly, but it has several advantages. Normally, a new roof will take at least 20 years, and the materials used and the charges for the skilled operators who erected the roof are therefore worth the cost. If you want to instal an existing roof or have a new roof, we will inform you.

How long is the roof average?

Wood sheet roof may endure for 10-30 years, asphalt shingle-composite roofs for 20 years on average and fibre cement shingles for around 25 years on a long-lasting basis. However, climatic circumstances, such as storms, grass and snow, can decrease the life expectancy of all roof types.

When is the time to refurbish?

If your roof is lifted, coiled or unsound with two or more layers or a single one. In our experience, however, re-roofs are 20 to 40 percent less lifetime for new shingles.

How much will a new roof cost?

Luke Lloyd Builders recognises the need to ensure that the correct styles and materials for your budget are in place. For this reason, we provide a wide selection of roofing options. We are always happy to provide support and free surveys to examine any needs or damage to the roof and provide professional advise on the roofing. We deliver a free quotation without commitment and professional advise before we start any roofing tasks. Our skilled professionals will complete your task within your budget and on schedule if you decide to deal with us. You will rely on where you live in Glasgow, the size of the roof you want and the type of structure with which we operate. Contact your phone for an estimate of your roofing project and arrange a visit.


Why Purchase a New Roof?

Increases the Value of your House

A new roof definitely adds value to the overall worth of your house. A brand-new, guaranteed roof not only resolves roof concerns, but also enhances the overall appearance of your house. With this in mind, you might see the purchase of a new roof as an investment in your most precious asset. If your new roof costs ten thousand pounds but increases the value of your home by twelve thousand, you are essentially gaining two thousand from the investment in the long run. Choose a covering that maintains its appearance for an extended period of time, such as natural slate or the premium colour Redland 49s, and your investment will be more valuable.

Rejuvenate Your Home - It Looks Amazing!

A properly fitted new roof looks fantastic and may significantly improve the appearance of your house. Request cover samples from your contractor and request their guidance on how to blend them with the neighbouring houses and the neighbourhood features. A competent contractor who takes pleasure in his or her work will want your project to appear fantastic. It's an excellent portfolio enhancement for anyone with the ability.

Stress-Free – Work is Guaranteed

Along with being an attractive investment, a new roof installed by a competent provider will come with a guarantee. Guarantees vary depending on the type of cover, but you should never be given less than ten years of good workmanship. Additionally, certain firms may offer insurance-backed assurances and completion certifications (meaning no need to involve the local council in building control). Ideally, you should utilise one of these businesses, as the accreditation procedure is quite comprehensive. Additionally, it assesses the financial viability of the business, ensuring that your contractor will not vanish if an issue develops. For additional information on these accreditations, see the NFRC and Competent Roofer.

Excellent for resale – appealing to potential buyers

Thus, you now have an attractive, secure, long-term investment. What's not to like? Prospective buyers will undoubtedly be persuaded in the correct direction, and will be more willing to pay the asking amount. People try to keep stress and minor inconveniences to a minimum in their lives.Your new roof investment addresses the majority of those concerns in a single blow.On the other hand, if you are considering selling, having a roof in bad shape might work against you. With roof studies becoming more prevalent in house acquisitions, purchasers are told prior to closing that significant maintenance will be necessary shortly after closing. After passing this information to your customer, it is extremely typical for the buyer to obtain quotations for the roof replacement (based on the survey findings) and negotiate the purchase price with you, the vendor. This effectively removes the ball from your court, and when you consider that you might have had a new installation and added the cost to your asking price, it appears to be a retrograde approach in the long run.

Energy Efficient - Increase Insulation and Save Money

Once the current (old) roof covering is removed, your contractor may easily install or supplement the insulation in your roof area. This can have a significant impact on your energy usage and heat retention in your home. We are all aware that heat rises, and if your loft area is losing heat, your heating system will have to work harder and for a longer period of time. This would result in higher energy expenses than necessary. In the UK, new roof construction must adhere to minimum insulation criteria. To obtain approval for the job, you would need to install the highest amount of insulation possible, according to the existing regulations. In summary, with each new roof replacement job, you will maximise your energy savings by installing loft insulation.

The Process

Why Would You Want To Work With Luke Lloyd Builders?

Outstanding Customer Service

We take pleasure in providing exceptional customer service every time we climb a ladder onto a roof and are pleased to give documentation of previous jobs and testimonials from satisfied clients. Our construction company has grown to its current size via recommendations, reasonable prices, prompt delivery, and superior workmanship.

Industry Knowledge

Luke Lloyd Builders has swiftly established a name in Glasgow as a reputable roofing contractor. We are one of the top roofing contractors in the country, having repaired and installed hundreds of flat and pitched roofs over the previous decade.


We constantly aim for perfection in the roofing work we do and go above and above to guarantee our customers receive the finest service possible.

Affectionate Company

Our reputation as a friendly roofing company is founded on the establishment of a positive work atmosphere in which clients may discuss their projects with roofing professionals and our roofing staff is enthusiastic about their job.


All roofing work is guaranteed, and you will get a written quote prior to work commencing. We also have all of the necessary insurance.

Affordable Roofing Services in Glasgow

Hire Luke Lloyd Builders for high-quality roofing services at cheap, competitive rates. We routinely compare our prices to those of our rivals to guarantee that our roof work is competitively priced. To obtain a roofing quotation immediately, contact us at 020 8987 8071.

Surpassing Expectations

We are constantly striving to guarantee that the systems and roofing solutions we offer to our clients exceed their expectations. Our reputation has been built on our willingness to go above and beyond on every construction project we undertake.


Luke Lloyd Builders’ depth of expertise and experience in the roofing business enables us to offer high-quality materials that are fitted in accordance with British standards and building laws. All of our new roofs are covered by an insurance policy, and as members of competent recovery schemes, we can self-certify that our work complies with local building control standards. Without further charge, we can provide a certificate of conformity for our roofing work, which may save you hundreds of pounds in costs.

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