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Are you looking for reliable builders to build you a garden room in Glasgow?

All-round Glasgow & Scotland, we design and build beautiful and bespoke garden rooms and garden offices.

Thanks to our comprehensive industry knowledge, Luke Lloyd Builders will assist you in choosing a proper design for your Glasgow garden room and provide you with advice along the way.

Everything from design to manufacturing to construction, as well as finishing, can be taken care of with our comprehensive service. Our skilled landscaping team can also assist you in planning and establishing a beautiful landscape to complement your room and home.


We enable you to live your life as you choose, in a setting that you control. We can work with you to build a room that suits your specific needs, regardless of your exterior living area.

To be in step with your lifestyle, our landscape specialists may also create a beautiful garden that connects your house to your garden room, giving it the sense of an extension of your living area.


If time-consuming and complex tasks like site clearing, site surveys, electrical studies, and planning applications must be handled, we can organise everything so you can focus on what you need to do.

You know precisely what you need and how much it will cost because we’ve advised you on any preparation work necessary and designed your new garden room to match.


Our team works only with in-house installation workers, eliminating any outside subcontractors, which gives us total control over the project. All of our installation workers are highly skilled experts, and our rooms are created to meticulous standards and specifications.

Our particular method allows you to integrate features that fit your demands, as well as your vision and budget.

Your requirements will be met by a talented and professional team with over two decades of experience in your field.

Luke Lloyd Builders will assist you in creating a soothing refuge to escape from everyday pressures, an in-garden workstation to boost your productivity or a place to foster your interests and hobbies from the comfort of your own home. We also offer house extensions and conservatories.

About Us

Sean Paul
Sean Paul
The service provided throughout the whole job from start to finish was highly professional and outstanding. They took all the stress of managing a building project and delivered a fantastic result, assisted with the initial plans, and had some great ideas I would recommend their services 100%.
Rose Lai
Rose Lai
I do not judge people by the mistakes, but by how they deal with them.We felt, very quickly in safe hands.We paid a fair price, received a great service and excellent works.We couldn’t ask for more and we would recommend them (and we never do that lightly)
Arden Denofrio
Arden Denofrio
Good communication throughout and having a fixed cost agremment made it easier for us to keep to our budget.
Chelsea Clarke
Chelsea Clarke
His team were very professional.The guys were great to deal with and were happy to talk to me if I had any queries while they were working on site.They did the job in good time, with little as possible disruption to myself.They cleaned up after themselves.Overall experience was excellent.
Matthias Vasseur
Matthias Vasseur
Very helpful in discussing options and giving advice on loft conversions, possibilities, impossibilities etc. Very friendly, straight-talking and informative. Would certainly recommend to anyone considering their loft options.
Iveth Fonseca
Iveth Fonseca
The finish is of an incredibly high standard and advice & direction given when necessary was great. Couldn't recommend these guys enough and would most certainly use again if I ever required.
Barma Yandeho
Barma Yandeho
We are extremely pleased with the results. The work is of extremely high standards.It was important to us to have people we can trust. We are so happy – Thank you
Julia Sharlin
Julia Sharlin
There were helpful, responsive, great value and did a really good job. Highly recommended.
Chanel Walker
Chanel Walker
The work was completed so quickly to a very high standard. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and would definitely recommend their services.
Rodolfo Gibbs
Rodolfo Gibbs
I thought it was fitting to leave my thoughts and opinions on the business. Over the past few years, we have expanded and grown as a business and employees. I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues and our clients a-like and am looking forward to what the future holds.
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Our Latest Garden Rooms in Glasgow

With our Glasgow-area Garden rooms expertise, we’re the most experienced Garden room experts in the city. We will be there to you during the entire process, ready to help.

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Working With Excellent

Garden Rooms that are Custom Built to your Specifications

While working from home does have apparent advantages, such as having more flexible working hours, saving money on transportation to and from work, and reducing the amount of time spent travelling to and from work, many individuals believe otherwise.

For this reason, a garden room is a good place to work because it’s in close proximity to chores, children, and family life.

Our enormous garden buildings are commonly used as marketing suites and sales offices by enterprises in search of more space for a fraction of the price of an extension.

This article suggests using partition walls in bigger buildings to separate a room into two distinct sections: a home office, which can be used as a home cinema, gym, or storage, and the remainder of the building, which may be used as a home theatre, gym, or storage for gardening equipment.

gardem room glasgow

Types of Garden Rooms in Glasgow

Our wide selection of garden offices offers a cost-effective answer to the demand for more living space with various designs, features, and layout options. Every garden room can be designed, built, and installed to the specifications and desires of the individual.

These are a few of the several garden rooms to choose from:


Our most popular garden room, the Workplace model, offers a light and open workstation with big glass panels. The Studio may be created in any size and wood finish to fit your garden’s design and size.


With clean lines and a stunning appearance, the Playroom model is our most contemporary garden room. It’s perfect for a playroom, a bright and airy home office, or a hobby area.


The Gym is a true statement room that can be used as a home office, gym, or relaxing area, bringing design and space with maximum light and adaptability.

The Pod

The Garden Pod is the newest addition to our portfolio, and it comes in three different configurations: Standard, Classic, and Premier. The Garden Pod, like all of our rooms, may be used as a home office, a family room, a kids’ playroom, or a mancave. What will yours be?

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From start to end, your project will be given individual attention. We maintain communication with you, the client, to ensure a seamless transition between processes and, most importantly, a successful project and a satisfied customer.

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When it comes to quality and architecture, the consumer comes first. We take pleasure in only using the best for your project: the best tools, the best building processes, and the best people.


Garden Room Advice

Working from home may appear appealing at first, but it comes with a number of drawbacks. The most significant stumbling block is that not everyone can afford to forego a separate “office” location.

As a result, you find yourself attempting to accommodate your home life around your job schedule. This rarely works since young children and dogs do not always respect your working hours.

Are Outdoor Structures the Answer?
The newest study on the working from home phenomena was highlighted on a recent BBC Radio 4 show. Working from home is more successful when you have the ideal workspace.

The show concluded that separating work and family life by providing a separate office setting builds a psychological barrier between the two. A respondent characterised their ideal garden office setting as one that allowed them to create their own work atmosphere. It’s a location where people can concentrate on their work while being only a few yards from their house, with no need to worry about commuting.

Insulated Outdoor Rooms as Offices Have a Lot of Benefits
Working around the kitchen table or in the broom closet at home, as most individuals have discovered, is not conducive to doing their best work. Garden rooms, garden cottages, and garden offices require a properly built, dedicated area.

Whatever name you give it, it all refers to the same thing: a highly customizable place in your garden that is intended to fulfil a certain function. The following are some of the benefits of having such a space:

    • They’re flexible and optimised to assist you in producing your finest work.
    • Create a barrier between your personal and professional lives.
    • Try that in an open plan workplace! Highly personalised, so you can heat or chill it to your exact specifications.
    • Available all year and may be utilised for a number of applications depending on size.

Making the most of your working time allows you to leave the day’s job behind you as you lock the office door behind you and go up the path to your family. Not having to drive to work every day also allows you to spend more time with your family, get more work done, and enjoy your life.

All of this and more will be available at our garden offices. Please contact us at the phone number shown below to arrange a free quote.

garden room glasgow

Most Popular Questions

Is it warm enough to utilise your garden rooms in the winter?

Yes, they are warm enough to use all year since they are all highly insulated and come equipped with a free-standing oil-filled radiator.

Is it possible for me to have a toilet and/or a kitchen in my garden room?

Yes, you certainly can. We’ll work with a plumber to make sure that any essential openings are in place and that the plumber has everything he needs to connect the services.

Is it necessary for me to obtain planning permission?

Because our structures are allowed development, no planning approval is usually required (built under 2.5m high externally). Permitted development rights apply to most dwellings, including in conservation zones and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB). Due to the lack of authorised development rights for flats and listed structures, they will always require planning approval. Don’t worry, though; planning for our garden rooms is a rather straightforward procedure, and we’re here to assist you.


Why Purchase A Garden Room?

Increase Property Value

Suitable For All Seasons

Business Tax Deductible

Numerous uses leisure/business

The Process

Creating a Garden Room Budget

Setting a budget for your garden room project early on is critical. This will assist you in determining the optimum combination of space and design elements for you.

If the customer has a certain budget in mind, it is much easier for a garden room provider to focus on the best ways to fulfil the customer’s wishes.

Some customers express apprehension about giving a supplier their budget because they believe they will be pressured to increase it. This is something that no credible provider would do. They may mention that an extra ‘x’ pounds will get you ‘x’ features on your wishlist, but this is primarily so that you can make an educated decision rather than so that they can make a greater sale.

You must budget for the following items in addition to the building:

Suppliers are extremely adept at providing costs for various sizes of garden rooms, so you’ll soon figure out that a garden room measuring x metres by x metres will cost a thousand dollars. You should keep in mind that these figures do not represent the whole project cost, since there are numerous other factors to consider.

Here’s a list of things to think about while planning your budget:

Permission to Plan

A garden room may often be constructed without the need for complete planning permission. It is critical that you assess your own circumstances. If you do need to apply for planning permission for your construction, you may do so yourself or have your supplier do it for you. Most suppliers will handle the application for free, but we’ve heard that some charge for creating the necessary designs and drawings. In most cases, you will be required to pay the Planning Permission costs. Our municipality presently charges £172, but your municipality’s costs will be mentioned on their website. It’s a good idea to budget for furnishings and other items in addition to the actual construction. The majority of garden rooms are decorated as part of the overall package price. They also include the final floor covering, so all you have to do now is budget for the furniture you want to put in.

Regulations for Construction

In many cases, a garden room can be created without obtaining Building Regulation approval. Nevertheless, your electrical system must meet certain requirements. If you want to build a large garden room or a sleeping room, you’ll need to budget for building regulations. These are difficult to estimate because they are dependent on the project’s cost and scope of work. This is something you should definitely discuss with your provider; they may include these fees in their quotations or request that you pay for them separately.

Clearance of the Site

Suppliers who provide a “turnkey” service will usually include the cost of site clearing in their project price.

When we say site clearance, we’re referring to the process of clearing vegetation from a construction site before work begins. Overhanging trees, for example, may need to be pruned.

If this isn’t included in your project’s pricing, you’ll have to arrange it before work begins. Consider the cost of hiring someone to do it as well as any trash removal fees. You may need to hire tools or a skip for the waste if you are preparing the site yourself.

Although most garden room designs now include a foundation system, we are aware that certain providers still need clients to arrange for the placement of a concrete slab before they arrive on site. These providers will usually provide you with the foundation system’s size and specifications, which you can then arrange with a local contractor. The size and shape of the foundation, as well as the level of the site, will determine how much you should budget for this. You should budget £1,000 or more depending on the size of the structure and the size of the plot.

Connecting to the Power Grid

The electrics in garden rooms are pre-wired, but in many situations, the expense of connecting the electrics to the mains supply in your home is your responsibility. This is because suppliers rarely send a certified electrician to the job site, despite the fact that the electricity must be connected by a trained electrician in order to comply with building codes.

This task necessitates a significant amount of effort. From the garden room to the house, an armoured cable must be buried in a trench. Some companies secure the armoured cable to a fence or wall, lowering the cost slightly. The garden room will be more expensive the further it is from the home. The electrician will connect this wire to your main fuse board, and the system may need to be modified to suit the additional circuit. They’ll also put the system through its paces and soil the garden room.

Warranty that is backed by insurance

Hopefully, your garden room will provide you with years of trouble-free service, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. Many vendors provide 5- or 10-year guarantees on their structures. Some vendors go a step further and offer guarantees that are backed by insurance. These provide added assurance in the case of a problem, as any issues will be resolved even if the provider is no longer in business. Some vendors include this insurance in the final project price. Others will require you to pay a premium for insurance, which will be based on the building’s cost and specifications.

Furniture In addition to budgeting for physical construction, it’s a good idea to set aside money for furniture and other items. The majority of garden rooms are decorated as part of the overall package price. They also include the final floor covering, so all you have to do now is budget for the furniture that you want.

We will explain in details everything we offer when we discuss your requirements.

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