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On-demand access to our site

Please have a look at our home page. For the time being, we are providing access to our site on a “AS-IS” basis, and we retain the right to withdraw or change the service we offer on the site without further notice. We cannot be held accountable if our site is not available at any time.

To protect our brand and website, we may, from time to time, block access to our entire site, or portions of it, to registered users.

Any information that you could be given in order to verify your identity, such as an ID number, password, or any other piece of information, must be handled as secret and may not be shared with other parties. When you’ve been unable to comply with these conditions, we have the right to disable any user ID or password you’ve picked or been issued.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate arrangements in place in order to obtain access to our site. Your job is to make sure that your visitors to our site know of these terms and that they follow them.

If you used our services, you’re liable to us.

As an introducing agency, we conduct introductions for service providers. We, the service providers, have given our consent for us to enter into a contract with you on our behalf. In order to complete your booking request, we will first react to you to determine which service provider can help you. A booking confirmation e-mail will be sent to you, containing the information on your reservation and offering a link to the Service Terms and Conditions.

If you agree to the conditions set forth in the email and to the Services Terms and Conditions, a contract will be formed between you and the Provider.

2.3 In your contract, you and the Provider are the parties. It is primarily the Provider’s responsibility to provide the services. The terms and conditions you agree to once you’ve completed your registration are legally binding.

It is our goal that while you are in the process of getting services from the Provider, you should always point to us as your primary point of contact. Additionally, we will execute all non-cash payments on your behalf, such as prepaid or gift cards.

2.5 We ensure that a suitable service provider is vetted and hired. However, it is the exclusive duty of the provider to provide the services. Because we don’t hold you liable or responsible for the services, you hold us free of any liability and obligation. It is always very appreciated when you provide us with your comments about providers.

intellectual property rights

To put it another way, all of the content found on our site and the copyright and other intellectual property rights associated with that material belong to us. Intellectual property (IP) rules and treaties of both the United Kingdom and other countries apply to all content. This is an all rights reserved page.

To utilise our site, you can do it via a web browser (including any web browsing capability built into other types of software or app). You may print one copy of our materials, and you may also use the excerpts from our webpages as needed. To read or store a web page for later or offline use, just save it on our site.

Modifying any printouts or downloaded copies of any content is strictly forbidden. Do not use images, video, or audio without supporting text.

We must always identify ourselves as the owners and authors of the information on our site, or licensors, as appropriate.

You must first get permission from us or our licensors to utilise any content you’ve saved or downloaded from our site for commercial reasons.

Any copies of the contents you’ve created in violation of these conditions of use must be returned or destroyed. You will have no access to our site following the termination of this Agreement.

use of information on the Internet

With respect to our posting of commentary and other materials on our site, we make every reasonable effort to offer up-to-date and relevant materials, but these materials are not intended to represent financial advice on which reliance should be put.

4.2 Under no circumstances will we be liable or responsible for any reliance put on the information included in this website, or on any of its contents.

We’ve recently changed the look of our website.

We put forth extra effort to make sure our site always has new information. We may stop access to our site, or even permanently shutter it, if the situation calls for it.

The content on this site is constantly being updated, and we have no responsibility to update it.

We are legally responsible for everything posted on our site.

6.1.We exclude any representations, warranties, and guarantees that may apply to our site or any material provided on our site to the maximum extent legally permitted.

As stated in Paragraph 6, we do not accept liability for loss of profits, sales, business, revenue, business opportunity, goodwill, or reputation. We also exclude liability for expected savings.

While we do not make any guarantees regarding our site’s availability, we do not accept responsibility or liability for any disruptions or outages caused by external factors.

The liability we are responsible for shall not be limited in any way, for example, to carelessness or accidental harm.

You and your visits to our site are covered by this privacy policy.

All of your information is handled with respect to our privacy policy.

If you consent to our site’s use of your data, then you confirm that our data is correct.

This allows you to upload photos, music, and videos to our site.

These conditions lay out the content standards for when you use a function of our website to post material to our site, or to make contact with other users of our site. Your agreement states that you promise that any contribution you make adheres to those criteria, and you expressly disclaim our duty for any failure to uphold that assurance.

Once you submit your content, you grant PTC permission to use, reproduce, distribute, and disclose your content to other parties for any reason. Your files are deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary when you post them to our site. We are obligated to reveal your identify in the event that a third party claims ownership of any content you post on our website. We also have the right to inform third parties about the nature of your contribution, so that they may make an informed decision whether or not they have a right to privacy.

We are not liable for any contents placed on our site by anybody else.

8.4 At our discretion, any of the following may be removed: Anything that is not in compliance with the requirements laid out in this agreement.

malicious software, illegal hacking, and other offences

Under no circumstances may you use our website in a way that damages our website or adversely affects its operation. Using our website to copy, store, host, transmit, communicate, use, publish, or distribute any harmful software is forbidden. The server on which our site is housed or any server, computer or database connected to our site cannot be accessed without authorisation. Our website will not be subjected to a denial-of-service assault, nor will it be a target of a distributed denial-of-service assault.

You might be charged with a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act if you do anything in violation of this clause. In the event of a data breach, we shall immediately report the matter to the relevant law enforcement authorities and assist with their investigation by providing your identification. Your usage of our site will be immediately terminated in the event of such a breach.

9.3 It is solely your responsibility to adopt safety precautions, including the use of antivirus software, to safeguard your computer from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other malware, to ensure the security of your programme or data, and to avoid introducing any malware or viruses on your computer through the use of our site or any website linked to it.

making a direct link to our website

Additionally, you are permitted to link to our homepage, as long as your link does not do harm to our reputation or get any financial benefit from it. When linking to another site, you should not use the words “collaboration,” “permission,” or “endorsement,” as these words suggest when included.

A link from a website that you do not own must not be included.

A to no section of our site, including the main page, must not be created. Links from sites that do not follow these rules in all ways are not allowed. We have to ensure that our site isn’t framed by any other website. As we have said, we retain the right to revoke linking authorization without notice.

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