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One of the most common concerns we get from clients is whether they will be able to simply maintain the correct temperature in their garden room. Our garden rooms are well-insulated to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but what if your garden room is situated to catch the sun during the day? One of the most essential aspects of what we do, along with the excellent quality of our construction and our personalised service, is having solutions available when we produce extremely distinct and personal designs. Sunlight flowing in through a window is lovely, but it can quickly heat up the interior of a well-insulated garden room. We propose blinds to avoid this, and integral or integrated blinds are by far the neatest and most dependable variety. The slat lowering, raising, and tilting actions are controlled by magnetic transmission through the glass, since the blinds are hermetically sealed within the window system, between the panes of glass. To change the position of the blinds, a set of magnets is put into the blind’s head rail, within the hollow, and another magnet is attached to the outside. Some integrated blinds are also equipped with motorised systems that can be controlled from anywhere in your garden room with the press of a button. Is it possible to choose the colour of the integrated blinds? Yes! Integrated blinds are now available in ten distinct colours. Anthracite (dark grey) is our pick since it has a fantastic contemporary appearance without being too reflective. What are the maximum window sizes that can be installed with integrated blinds? Modern slimline 10mm slats allow for the creation of glass with holes as tiny as 16mm. A sealed unit with inbuilt blinds has a maximum dimension of 2500mm (w) x 2500mm (h) and a minimum size of 450mm x 200mm. Integral blinds have a lot of advantages. “Temperature management ” On a hot day, reducing the quantity of direct sunshine has a significant impact on the room’s ambient temperature. The most economical and straightforward approach to controlling the heat in a garden office is to use blinds. ” Noise reduction ” Integrated blinds provide an additional layer of acoustic dampening between you and the outside world, reducing unwanted noise. ” Safety ” Despite the fact that a new European safety standard was established in 2014, conventional internal blinds continue to push the boundaries of safety. Any risk offered to animals, children, and vulnerable people is safely contained behind double glazed glass panes. “Make the room darker ” Integral shades provide protection and privacy while also allowing homeowners to adjust the amount of light that enters the garden room. Integral blinds prevent your furnishings from premature fading and ageing while also shielding your family from dangerous UV radiation. A more modern, cleaner appearance Integral, or integral, blinds give the same temperature, light, and privacy control as traditional blinds, but in a neater, more effective, and less troublesome style, by keeping the sun’s heat from heating the inside of your room. They won’t sway in the air or obstruct your view when you open a window or door. They are hidden inside the building and offer a new or refurbished area a cleaner, more contemporary aspect. By being sealed between the panes of glass in double glazed windows and doors, integrated blinds eliminate the greatest difficulties of traditional blinds while preserving all of their finest characteristics. For more information on a garden room click here.