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When it comes to lighting your loft, you have a variety of artificial and natural lighting choices to choose from. Lofts are often associated with gloomy, cramped places that are generally underutilised or mainly utilised for storage. A loft conversion turns an unwanted room into an additional level of your house that is light, large, and ready to live in for your family. The primary lighting options for your loft conversion are outlined here. Skylights Skylights are the most popular window choice for loft conversions. They bring in a lot of natural light and make your loft feel roomier. You may place your skylights in strategic locations throughout your room, like as over a teenager’s desk or in a child’s play area. Balconies of Juliet This is a really romantic alternative since it allows you or your guests to view the dawn or sunset from the comfort of your own bed. These are a terrific alternative if you want to be able to enjoy beautiful vistas outside your home or have natural light in your room. If you wish to create a romantic midsummer night atmosphere, a Juliet balcony may also be decked with fairy lights! Downlights This artificial lighting option is popular because it can be used in conjunction with any other natural lighting alternatives you have chosen for your loft conversion. Downlights are small spotlights that beam light downward to create a well-lit environment. These may be made more opulent by utilising mirrors in the bedroom to reflect direct light across the space, which is emphasised even more by a pastel colour scheme. Lights for the Wall As bedside reading lights, they are a highly popular choice in loft bedrooms. They are typically utilised in conjunction with other major lighting options such as droplights to assist generate a softer, warmer light in the space. If you have a dressing room or dressing area where you need adequate illumination for make-up, for example, wall lamps are beneficial. Strip Lights with LEDs If you want to be a little more daring, you may have LED strip lights put in your loft conversion. These lights have a range of light colours that can be changed, making them ideal for a child’s or teenager’s room! They can also be mounted behind furniture, such as the back of a desk, the headboard of a bed, or a television screen. There are additional things that can impact how bright your loft conversion might be, so lighting isn’t just about the lighting solutions you pick. Your loft will naturally feel smaller and darker if you choose a darker colour scheme than if you choose a brighter, more natural colour scheme. If you want to personalise your loft without limiting the light and space you experience in the room, strike a balance between the two with a dark feature wall. Visit here for more info on a loft conversion in Glasgow