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remodelled kitchen

Whether you want to invite a few friends over for supper on the spur of the moment or have a full-fledged Christmas party, your kitchen
should be ready to accommodate you.

People like to congregate in kitchens, so why not capitalize on this trend and incorporate it into your entertainment? Here are a few
pointers to help you get started.

1. Establish a Social Area

When your visitors come, how will they first see the kitchen? Where do you want them to congregate so you can finish preparing the
dinner or canap├ęs? Make a comfortable and inviting social space where guests may sit on a stool or relax in a chair, or lean against the
bar for a bite to eat. Ensure that they are welcomed with a drink before allowing them to settle comfortably.

2. Is there enough room for an island?

If you have the room, an island is ideal for entertaining. It offers a large, clean surface for putting out food and placing beverages, and
you’ll find that your guests will gather there to socialise. Set up a bar on one end of the island with lots of ice for visitors to serve
themselves. A second sink may be used as a beverage cooler, or you can even put your visitors to work in the kitchen with a few stools.

2. Consider the environment.

If your kitchen has a window that looks out into the yard, make sure your social area makes the most of it. If the weather is nice, your
visitors may flow outdoors, and your party can become even larger in the summer.

3. Make use of lighting and keep everything in order.

A shift in the atmosphere in your kitchen may be aided by good lighting. Make your work units spectacular with some hidden LED fixtures,
or host an intimate dinner party beneath a single pendant light. Apart from the necessities, keep surfaces clutter-free and replace the
debris with a well-chosen floral arrangement.

4. Additional Appliances

Some of these gadgets may be helpful if you intend on entertaining often.

Considering a flat-screen TV to watch sports on? Then it’s an absolute necessity.

Mood music system (entertainment system)

Do you really need two dishwashers?

Several ovens may be set to various temperatures.

Invest in a drinks fridge or a wine cooler to free up space in your main fridge for meals.

Ice maker (either built-in to your refrigerator or separate); keep it near the bar.

A second sink may be helpful; consider installing one on your island.

5. Preparation of Food

If you’re serving a Waitrose meal for two people, you won’t need much space to prepare, but if you’re throwing a big party and want your
kitchen to double as an entertaining space, you might need a butler’s pantry to make room for more complicated tasks, or a place for your
hired caterers to use appliances and set out dishes. Counter space is always a concern, but you may also need some privacy from time
to time.

A butler’s pantry may be a standalone chamber or a nook next to the kitchen. If you don’t have space for a butler’s pantry, a raised
countertop on an island or peninsula in your kitchen will allow you to get on with the prep work while your guests have their own surface
to serve the snacks.

We hope these recommendations have given you some ideas for how you may better utilise your kitchen to entertain this holiday season,
and how you might make your kitchen more interesting in the future.

A well-designed kitchen can help you party better, so think about how you’d want to entertain your friends and neighbours in your new
kitchen before you decide on your kitchen makeover.

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