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We are all being pushed into uncomfortable and quickly changing lifestyles. The coronavirus epidemic has affected everyone and has
thrown us into new difficulties and experiences.

Many of these encounters are taxing or plain unpleasant. Luke Lloyd Builders, as a close-knit and loving company, is doing all we can to
stop the virus from spreading. So, like many others, we’ve become accustomed to working from home and have stopped working on
construction sites.

Every storm has a silver lining, therefore we’d like to look at some of the advantages that the new army of home-workers is experiencing.

We want to share our optimism with you and urge you to strive for a better lifestyle after we’ve overcome this pandemic.

A Long-Term Change in Workplace Culture

Working from home has the potential to cause seismic shifts. Why pay for huge city-centre or out-of-town office buildings if an employee
can be just as productive, if not more so, while working from home (having avoided the early start and arduous drive ” maybe enjoying
breakfast with the kids instead)? Maybe monthly meetings and daily conference calls are a better and more effective use of time and

Because of the beneficial effect remote working will have in many ways, this global crisis will see a permanent change in work culture in
the near future, with businesses not only being more open to the idea, but actively promoting it. The advantages for the environment and,
possibly, for an individual’s well-being are the most significant.

Reducing your carbon footprint and reducing the time and money spent on your daily commute, allows you to spend more time on the
things that matter most to you!

The perfect professional atmosphere may be found in our garden offices. A home that has been transformed into a room may be less
than ideal. Is it possible to have a completely separate area where you might meet with a customer or colleague?

Luke Lloyd Builders will work with you to design a custom insulated garden office that is free of distractions. Just as we’ve always done,
we’ve created a work environment that works for you.

Here are some common characteristics to think about:

A kitchenette or a place to make a pot of tea

How will you organise critical papers and records if you don’t have enough storage and filing space?

Areas for a desk and seats

a cloakroom or a toilet

Temperature regulation

Services for the internet and telephone


To get the ball rolling on your home office garden room project in Glasgow or anywhere in the Greater Glasgow area contact Luke Lloyd Builders to supply & build your new outdoor space