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Everything wonderful comes to those who wait. Do you recall that? Advertisement for Guinness To be fair, spending an additional 30 seconds on a pint sounds preferable to waiting for 4-6 months for a restroom.

The thing is, you will forget a terrible pint far more quickly than you will forget a horrible toilet experience.

Thus, a dilemma exists, and it is one that must be navigated carefully. While emotions and enthusiasm might cloud judgement when you’re desperate for something right now, this is not the moment to allow those emotions to take over; you’re about to make a significant money and time investment.

For the love of God, do not rush it.

All good and respectable tradespeople are scheduled months in advance. Simply said, highly skilled individuals at the top of their game will not be accessible anytime soon. It’s always been this way, but it’s becoming increasingly aggravating. While supply networks are under severe strain as a result of pent-up demand, prices are skyrocketing and labour is costly and in short supply in the post-COVID environment.

This is a confluence of events that are not in your favour at the moment, but you may still win by exercising patience.

Since before Covid, the bathroom business has been building a storm with a skills deficit, an ageing workforce, and an all-time high demand for skilled fitters. This is making low-cost bids from less-than-professional installers more appealing, because they are available sooner and make promises that your ears like hearing, but very few of those promises are kept.

We know this for a fact, since we receive numerous calls each week from members of the public requesting our assistance in rescuing their project after being let down at the last minute, or when installers have simply abandoned the site. It’s really aggravating for a variety of reasons (we do not rescue projects in distress). These individuals do not deserve this, but they have also clearly been misled by false promises and allowed their emotions to dictate their activities in the lead-up to the project’s launch.

They almost certainly did not heed to their instincts and did not conduct adequate due diligence. But most significantly, and perhaps most fatally, they were incapable of patience.

Avoid becoming one of them.

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