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Inside garage conversion

Converting a garage is a good idea for a variety of reasons. From requiring more room to accommodate your expanding family to
designing your ideal kitchen or having a private place to call your own, we’ve got you covered. Every homeowner has his or her own
motives for evicting the garden equipment and trash that collects in a garage. The overwhelming majority of homeowners do not even
utilise their garage for what it was designed for. A garage conversion may also increase the value of your house by up to 25%. Before
starting home renovation work as an investment, it is important to examine the current ceiling prices of comparable homes in your

There are many things you may do with your garage conversion that are reasonable. Here are some of our favourite garage conversion

Make a living room that is open to the rest of the house.

Combine your kitchen, living room, and dining room to create a beautiful, attractive area that will give your house a feeling of movement,
enable you to connect to the garden, and bring in more natural light. Open plan living is a popular choice among homeowners because it
allows you to create an indoor-outdoor area that puts you closer to nature.

This kind of room may be created by eliminating walls and, if necessary, rearranging your downstairs area, then combining it with floor-to-
ceiling windows and bi-folding doors to create a stunning space that welcomes the outside in.

Make some room for your interests.

If you have a particular interest that you are passionate about, establishing a separate zone for it might be a dream come true. Converting
your garage space may be the perfect step for you if you want a room to store your train set, a man cave, reading room, yoga room, gym,
or a workshop for art or a hobby you like. The following are some of the benefits of turning your garage into a hobby room:

Any hobby equipment is kept out of the way of larger communal/family areas.

You have your own hideaway. The area your garage provides may be just what you need, and you won’t have to do any major
construction work, such as tearing down walls.

Office at home

Your garage may be the ideal location for a home office, studio, or workshop. You may be able to construct a self-contained area with its
own entrance depending on the kind of garage you have. If you need to accept customers or business-related guests at your home but
wish to keep your work and home separate, this is a good option.


If your family is expanding, making use of the space in your garage to build a playroom for your kids may be a huge help. Anyone who
has children knows that toys grow quickly, so having a place where you can close the door on the clutter and the noise may be a
lifesaver. As the kids grow older, their playroom may also be utilised for schoolwork and hanging out with friends.

Conversion of a two-story garage

If you really want to go all out, consider converting your garage into a two-storey structure. This allows you to construct the space you need
on the ground floor while also adding an additional bedroom or an upper bathroom, or both, if space allows. Double-story garage
conversions take longer to construct, are more likely to need planning approval, and are more costly than single-story garage
conversions, but the additional room may have a significant impact on your daily life.

Whatever your plans for your garage conversion in Glasgow, Luke Lloyd Builders can make them a reality for a competitive price