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You want to make sure everything works according to your expectations, since you spend so much time in the kitchen. How do you
determine which worktop to select when it comes to countertops? We all want the best for our kitchens, so when it comes to worktops, we
want something that is stain and heat resistant, durable, simple to clean, has a modern appearance, and is, of course, affordable. You
may not be able to locate a countertop that meets all of your requirements, so think about the kind of work your worktop will see and if the
material you choose is up to the task.

We want to assist you in making the best decision possible, so we’ve put together some pointers to assist you in selecting the ideal
worktop material.


Wooden worktops are popular in kitchens because they instantly provide warmth. It’s available in a wide range of wood grain patterns and
tones, from light beech to dark walnut. It’s a fantastic, environmentally-friendly choice, since it has natural antibacterial qualities. It’s
simple to fix; most blemishes can be sanded away, but the wood will need to be oiled on a regular basis. Otherwise, you risk having
decaying surfaces, especially around sinks, if the wood isn’t kept fairly dry.

To keep it from drying out, you should apply a light layer of oil twice a year.


Laminates are a popular option because they are available in almost any colour and finish, including genuine wood and stone effects, and
they are simple to install. Laminates are made from plywood, chipboard, and MDF and then covered with plastic laminates.

One disadvantage of laminates is that scratches and burns are generally irreversible. They may last a few years with a little additional
care and protection from chopping boards and heat mats. They’re simple to clean; all you have to do is use a smooth detergent solution
and wipe them down with a towel.

Stainless steel is a material that is resistant to corrosion.

Most top chefs on TV shows about kitchens use stainless steel worktops because they are sanitary, watertight, and heat resistant, plus
they offer your kitchen a modern appearance. They’re also well-known for their toughness. We all desire something similar in our
kitchens, especially because they are so simple to maintain. Use a soft towel to dry and shine after spraying with mild detergent.

Scratches and marks must be avoided since they can not be repaired.


Granite has a beautiful appearance and provides your kitchen with a nice appeal. It comes in a variety of colours and is well-known for its
durability. It is waterproof and heat resistant, and it may be pre-cut to accommodate sink inserts and draining grooves.

It’s usually provided polished and very shiny, although it’s also available in a matt or honed condition. Granite is relatively simple to clean,
but cleaning products, including lemon, vinegar, or other acids, can dull the surface over time.

No matter what kitchen worktop material or counters you desire in the west of Scotland we can fit what you want to a high standard so get in touch