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brand new kitchen

At Luke Lloyd Builders, we think that every kitchen should be as individual as you are. It was created with you in mind, so it will meet all of
your requirements and fit into your lifestyle. So, how does your kitchen reflect your personality? Look through our culinary menu to see
which one best describes you!

Cooking up a storm

You’ve just moved into your first home and need a kitchen that can keep up with your hectic schedule and social activities! Your stylish
kitchen should assist you in simplifying cooking so you can spend more time with your friends and enjoy life! Choose a breakfast bar/table
to keep your kitchen small and modern: it’s perfect for grabbing a meal on the move or entertaining guests for drinks! Make a bold
statement with a bold, colourful kitchen with bright glossy doors, white matt cabinets, and contemporary chrome handles… A solid surface
countertop is simple to maintain, inexpensive, and available in almost every colour! The microwave, fridge-freezer, and compact
dishwasher are your must-have appliances.

Professionals’ dinner party

Your kitchen, in addition to having a lovely house, is a piece of beauty. You like entertaining, and each dinner party is a sophisticated and
one-of-a-kind culinary experience. With a monochromatic palette and a stylish mix of shiny surfaces and natural materials such as wood,
marble, and glass, your kitchen style is beautiful and glamorous. The soft-close storage is spacious, and an innovative interior
compartment keeps your valuable tableware organised and secure. To provide excellent food for your restaurant’s guests, you’ll need
state-of-the-art twin ovens, an integrated coffee machine, a wine storage unit, and an extractor hood that might be mistaken for a crystal
chandelier as a finishing touch!

Your health

Your kitchen is not only environmentally friendly, but it also aids in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. The materials have been
carefully chosen to guarantee that their production has the least possible environmental effect, including recycled composite worktops,
FCE and PEFC certified hardwood units, and locally produced stone floors. Your zen attitude to life has inspired the design of your
kitchen: natural colours, organic forms, and materials. Your kitchen’s beauty lies in its practicality and harmonious design. You like to treat
your guests to a cup of tea or coffee after a day out, utilising water from the tap’s integrated water filtering system. Thanks to your steam
oven and hob, you can prepare wonderful meals without using any additional oil or butter!

Delicious food

The kitchen is the heart of your house, where you love baking for your children, preparing a wonderful Sunday roast, or just relaxing with
your spouse over a glass of wine in the evening… It’s a place where time seems to stand still a little longer, allowing you to spend quality
time with your loved ones.The classic shaker design and painted wooden cabinets with a solid wood countertop give the kitchen a warm
and welcoming atmosphere. The island expands the area and enables you to do dishes or cook a meal while keeping an eye on the kids’
schoolwork. The functional kitchen larder unit aids in the organisation of foodstuffs. AGA range cookers, as well as a dishwasher, a
separate full-height fridge and freezer, and lots of storage, are all must-haves. Even if you reside in the middle of Glasgow, large flagstone
or slate tiles on the floor may help you create a rural vibe. White painted floors are a cost- and time-effective method to give your family’s
kitchen a cheerful appearance.

We can make your Glasgow dream kitchen a reality so don’t delay, get in touch with us today