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When we spoke with our clients, we discovered that many individuals conflate planning approval with building control, believing that they
are the same thing. I’ll explain what each of them is and when they’re needed in this short essay.

The terms “planning approval” and “building control” are not interchangeable. The distinctions are sometimes muddled in people’s
perceptions, but they are as follows:

Simply put, planning approval is the green light to construct your garden room, granny extension, or anything else you have in mind. It can
only be received through the local government. In the vast majority of situations, planning approval is not required provided a few
guidelines are followed. Things are more difficult if you reside in an area of outstanding natural beauty or in a grade-listed building, and
planning approval may be required. More information is available in our article on 7 garden office or summer house planning permission
rules to consider when constructing a garden room.

Building control exists to ensure that the structure of the building is sound. The majority of people assume that the certificate can only be
obtained through the City Council, but this is not true. There are numerous businesses that can provide a building regulation certificate,
making the procedure considerably clearer, quicker, and frequently less expensive (particularly if your garden room is worth more than
£25,000). When constructing a garden room, you will often require a building rules compliance certification only if the space is larger than
30 square metres. However, there are several exceptions which will require a separate essay (which is on my to-do list!).

To summarise, planning approval is the authorization to construct what you want, where you want it, and it can only be gained by your
local government. In most situations, provided a few requirements are followed, planning approval is not required when creating a garden

Building inspections will ensure that your structure is sound. It is available through the city government or through private firms. In
general, building regulations are not required for structures of less than 30 square metres.

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