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Drilling down into the costs of a garden room.

Our aim at A Luke Lloyd Builders is to provide more than simply a garden room; we want to help our customers realise their ideal garden
getaways. We’ve all experienced the frustration of looking forever for that perfect space, only to discover nothing that comes near to what
you really desire. And we’d want to put a stop to it.

Having said that, our custom constructions have been some of our favourite projects. These projects have included anything from a high-
end garden office to a quirky and cosy art studio. These designs, on the other hand, tend to confuse the perennial issue, “How much does
a garden room cost?”

The simple answer is that it depends on what you’re looking for. However, we wanted to go much further into the factors that influence the
price of a garden room. The cost of one garden room vs another may be very different. A full-fledged annexe, for example, will almost
certainly cost more than a simple storage room.

When it comes to estimating the cost of your one-of-a-kind garden getaway, there are many variables to consider. The most important of
these variables will be listed below.


Some garden room businesses will only take on work if it is simple to get there. We, on the other hand, are not that kind of garden room

We are not put off in the least if your construction site is less accessible. We are glad to take on any problem, whether you live in a distant
area, have a multi-level yard, or a smaller driveway. However, we may need to plan ahead of time to work around the placement of your
garden room. As a consequence, this requires more time, effort, and, as a result, more money.

We try to accomplish everything to the best of our abilities and will never hurry a task. We can provide any equipment or supplies you
need for your work. To securely transport them to your yard, we may need to clear a place in your house. And this is something that will
take some time to do.

In a nutshell, an easily accessible site will save time and money.


The larger, the better, as the old adage goes. This may definitely apply to garden rooms in many instances. The bigger your garden
room, though, the more materials and labour you’ll need. And this will have an impact on the price of your garden room.

A bigger garden room comes with a slew of “hidden” expenses. And by this, we mean that there are many expenses that few people
consider, such as the amount of ground screws, lights, glue, screws, wiring, paint, and so on. A bigger garden room may also require
greater support, which would necessitate the use of more steel or aluminium.


We’d love to help everyone create their dream garden room. A more unusual form, on the other hand, may have an impact on the price.
Walls that aren’t connected at a straight angle, for example, will cost extra since the joinery is more difficult to construct. Any extra
amenities, such as a walkway or pergola, may influence the price.

Our brave construction crews are constantly eager to address problems. And we make every effort to do it in a professional and tidy
manner. A wonderful example of this is the garden room roof we constructed around a client’s favourite tree. The trunk of the tree was
located in an outside location. As a result, our client’s garden room took on a really distinctive shape.

However, as much as we like solving problems, unique characteristics such as the one mentioned above will influence the amount of time
spent as well as the overall cost.

Electricity and Internet Access

A garden room with working power and an internet connection may be transformed into a fully useful work or pleasure area. Fortunately,
electricity and internet connections are included in the regular price of our garden rooms.

Connecting electricity to your garden room, on the other hand, may be a time-consuming and difficult process. We’d put up a dedicated
fuse box near your consumer unit and run a wire from your house to your garden room. As a result, any problems with your house unit will
not impact your garden room electrics, and vice versa.

While this technique addresses several issues, it may still take a long time to connect your garden roo to electricity. Our highly trained
electrician is committed to securely and attractively installing your garden room electrical system. Our electrician may require extra time to
lead power through to your garden room depending on the placement of the consumer unit.

The quality of service provided by our expert electrician, as well as the time required for him to instal your electrics, will have the most
impact on the overall cost of your garden room.

Connecting to water

It’s a big job to add a bathroom or a kitchen to your garden room. Aside from the units themselves, we’d have to build a whole new water
system. This task is an example of something that will need both time and money to complete.
You must keep in mind that we will need to run the pipes securely and invisibly via your garden room. It will also need a lot of excavating
to create a route to the garden room itself for the water supply. The pipes that transport waste out of your garden room need the same
level of maintenance. You may also need a sewage pump and waterproofing for the flooring and walls.

Connecting a water supply to your garden room may take a long time. Both of these factors, as well as the materials we’ll need to
purchase, will affect the ultimate cost of your garden room.


When it comes to the final appearance of your garden room, cladding is crucial. It basically refers to the materials that will be used to
cover the outside walls. Having said that, we understand that the kind of cladding you choose is based on what you believe looks best.
However, the cost of various cladding materials varies.

Some cladding choices may cost up to five times more than others. The cost of cladding will vary depending on the rarity of the cladding
technique. So, before you totally fall in love with a cladding material, be sure you can afford it.

Read our companion post here to learn more about the many cladding choices available.


There are a variety of roofing choices to select from, just as there are for cladding. A flat roof, for example, is considerably more cost-
effective than a pitched roof since it is easier to construct.

A green roof is another element that may improve the look of your garden room. Allowing a wide variety of plants to grow on the roof may
help your garden room blend in seamlessly with its surroundings.

However, to adequately sustain a green roof, you may need to spend extra on roofing reinforcement. A garden room can easily sustain
the weight of the plants, their medium, and pooled rainfall with that additional support.

On site labour

Their time and labour will be paid for, and the amount may vary based on the project’s duration. If you decide to add or modify anything
throughout the construction process, we can accommodate you. These abrupt modifications, on the other hand, may significantly
lengthen the construction process. However, preparing ahead may help you save a lot of money.


It’s one thing to have your garden room constructed. However, many of us overlook the “boring stuff” that goes on behind the scenes.
Dealing with local governments, communicating with utility suppliers, and much more are all handled by our fantastic office staff.

Of course, we don’t expect our office staff to do everything for nothing. There are wages to be paid, as well as the cost of the office itself.
This is where the expense of administration enters the equation for your garden room.


We believe it is only fair to remind you that VAT accounts for one fifth of our total pricing. The government of the United Kingdom receives
£1 of every £5 you pay us.


Many of our goods are imported from foreign countries, especially from Europe. As you may be aware, Brexit has had a significant effect
on international trade. When you include the COVID-19 epidemic, suppliers are under a lot of stress.

Shortages, delays, and, most importantly, skyrocketing costs are all part of the picture. We hate having to deliver terrible news. However,
we think it is critical to be as open as possible. The price of your garden room may be altered as a result of current supply problems.

We hope that this post has provided you with a better understanding of the factors that may influence the cost of your garden room. We
are, however, always glad to discuss these charges with our customers. And if we believe there is a more cost-effective option, we will
always suggest it.

We can estimate the cost of your garden room by receiving pictures, visiting your location, and discussing your ideas. But, in the end, the
materials utilised and the effort spent bringing your one-of-a-kind creation to reality will determine everything.

Luke Lloyd Builders can supply & build your garden rooms in Glasgow for all budgets (and anywhere in the Greater Glasgow area). Click here for more details and to arrange a free site visit & fast quotation.