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Isn’t it simply a fancy shed? No way, no how. There’s a lot more to it than that. A garden room is a luxury structure situated on your
property’s grounds. Within your new space, you may pick from a variety of additional amenities and various types of rooms for a range of

First, imagine your new space. What is it that you have always desired in your spare room? Imagine this room being constructed to your
exact specifications and completely yours in a couple of weeks. Listening is usually the first step. Nothing is ever “off the shelf” with us,
and space is always your invention.

A tiny bathroom or shower room, or a large bathroom or shower room. A tiny kitchenette or a complete cooking space in a bigger size.
Feature walls and a primary living or working space. A flawless square, a little perspective, even curving walls are all possibilities. Storage
that is hidden… Everything will be tailored to fit your precise specifications from an almost limitless list. The garden room may be adjacent
to the main home or much farther away in a little hideaway section of the garden, depending on your space and the necessary planning

The garden room is a flexible design that can be used for a variety of purposes and is an excellent, adaptable place for all of our
customers. A garden living annexe, or granny annexe as it is popularly called, would be perfect for a family with teenagers/young adults at
home, maybe an older relative. They have the support of their family when they need it, as well as their own privacy and independence.

We’re here to assist you in creating the ideal garden room that fits your budget, the size of your space/garden, and, most importantly, the
requirements of your family and others who will use it. Don’t be scared to request special features. We want you to enjoy yourself
throughout the design process. We like assisting customers in creating their ideal environment.

As usual, there is preparation to be made and considerations to be made. For instance, what are the planning requirements for your home
in your area? What size and what kind of structure would your council allow you to construct? Is there adequate room due to existing
trees and boundaries? Are there any limitations on how it may be built? What will the building’s appearance be in relation to its
surroundings? It’s crucial to consider access to the room and pathways; if there are any stairs or slopes, would you need to consider
landscaping? What do you want to be your point of view? What kind of natural and artificial lighting would you require? Are your windows
and doors large or small?

We can help you with all of this and any other questions you may have, and since we’ve been doing this for a while, we may be able to
suggest ideas you hadn’t considered. We want to make sure you love your garden room and that you have many years of enjoyment and
convenience ahead of you.

We’d be delighted to assist you to get your Glasgow garden room project started, whatever you need. Why not contact us at Luke Lloyd Builders right now by clicking here…