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garden room scotland

This is a great question with a lot of possible solutions.

Garden rooms are usually self-contained buildings that are not connected to the main structure or house. This gives you a lot more
flexibility and possibilities in terms of how you utilise your garden room on a daily basis. They provide seclusion that you won’t obtain from
existing rooms in your home since they are separate from the main house yet near enough to be a part of it.

Garden rooms are often used as home offices, garden gyms, and as a separate completely enclosed residential annexe, which is ideal for
multi-generational families. Did you know that a garden room may also be used as a sauna?

With so many customizable choices for the fit and finish of your garden room, the possibilities for what you may build and how you utilise
it are nearly endless.

Here’s a rundown of the most common applications for our garden rooms:

Granny flat annexe

Keeping loved ones close in a multi-generational household.

Home office garden room

Working from home has never been easier.

Home gym/fitness or yoga studio

Take your exercise outside, in the quiet of your own backyard.

Family leisure room

A unique location and room for the whole family for lounging & relaxing.

Art, crafts, hobby studio

Improve your productivity by honing your inventiveness.

Home cinema room

It’s like going to the movies, but in your own backyard and without the over-priced snacks.

Man cave or woman cave

For your bikes, motorbikes, collectibles or a hangout space with a bar for you & your friends.

Music Room

In the sound-proofed solitude of your backyard, you can write the next UK number one.

Spa Room

Make your house more luxurious and pampering with a hot tub or sauna.

Teenager Room in the Garden

A unique location where kids can get away from the adult world!

Treatment Room in the Garden

Your customers will be impressed with a place that radiates expertise and individuality for health & beauty treatments.

One thing to keep in mind is that your garden room does not have to remain in its current state. Your garden room may vary as your
personal, family, and/or company requirements evolve. If your children have grown up and you no longer need to work from home, your
garden office may be transformed into a games area or whatever your family prefers. The flexibility is always there; all it takes is a
makeover and some interesting new furnishings to bring it to life. As your garden room evolves with you, you’ll have even more

In the end, the options are limitless. You can transform this life-altering space into virtually whatever you choose (though we don’t believe
they’d make excellent rocket ships!). However, if you want to make it a rocket-themed party…). You may alter the function anytime you
want while still enjoying the fundamental advantages that only a garden room can provide: total seclusion, the green credentials of our
materials, the flexibility, and the sheer uniqueness of these amazing structures.

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