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In 2022, finding a place to work from home will be a primary goal for many people. Now that many people are working “hybrid” schedules that divide their time between the workplace and their home offices, it’s important that we make the most of our home office space!

Since we’ve been working in cramped spaces like kitchen counters and dining tables, we’ve been unable to get things done.

Read on to learn how we can change things up for you if you’re ready to do so!

It’s a good thing and a bad thing to work from home.
While working from home was formerly considered a benefit of the job, for many of us, the long-awaited 30-second commute is now a reality. As a result of the worldwide pandemic, we now spend an average of 492 days of our lives commuting to and from work each year.

Reducing overheads by cutting back on office space can have a positive impact on both the company’s bottom line and its employees.

Working from home, according to most people, is a boon to one’s work-life balance. Employees who can’t tell the difference between work and home are more likely to work later than usual because they are unable to’switch-off,’ as the saying goes.

Is there a solution?

As long as you have a garden, you can use it to expand your living area. It is one of the most popular uses of our garden rooms for folks who work from home yet desire a more private work environment.

With our garden offices, you have the best of both worlds: an office where you can work without the distractions of home life, and when it’s time to complete work, you can walk away and lock up and resist the impulse to open your laptop.

Your work space doesn’t have to change with the seasons, so you may design a unique environment that works best for you! Sizes range from 4m2 to 30m2 in half-metre increments, with options for width and depth to meet your specific requirements.

Is a Garden Office Necessary to Get Planning Permission?
In most cases, garden rooms don’t necessitate a permit because they are considered permissible development. Outbuildings, such as garden rooms, can be created without a building permit as long as they meet approved development regulations. Find out more about the requirements for planning…

Prices begin at £14,745, which includes everything you need to get started, including a variety of doors, a window, wiring, and flooring. Full installation, VAT, and the concrete piling base are all included in the price, too.

• Designed and produced in the UK • 10 year guarantee • Eco-friendly • Insulated, weatherproofed, and heated for year-round usage

WANT TO WORK FROM HOME IN 2022? HERE’S HOW. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
We look forward to hearing about your 2022 plans for working from home, especially if you’re considering one of our garden office suites. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be in touch to talk about it.

Visit our garden room Glasgow page for more detail.

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