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After you’ve received your brochure, you’ll want to start thinking about different conservatory options, such as design, size, layout, and

And, when it comes to choosing how you’ll utilise the space, we understand that this may be a tough job, since you may not have a
specific need for a conservatory but instead wish to enjoy an extra room in your home without the expense of a brick extension.

However, a conservatory has so many applications that we’ve chosen to highlight eight of them. So, if you desire a conservatory but aren’t
sure what you’ll do with it after it’s completed, this blog may inspire you to start planning.

An Extra Bedroom for Guests It may not seem like the most apparent use for your conservatory, but it is a highly practical way to make
the most of your expansion.

You have the option of using your conservatory as a fully functioning bedroom full-time or concealing it by buying a couch bed.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but it comes down to whatever works best for you.

If you want to use your conservatory as a bedroom, you’ll need to think about factors like security and furniture. Blinds and heating will
need additional consideration, as you want to ensure that your visitors have a good night’s sleep and aren’t awakened by the light shining
through the glass walls at dawn.

Our article will assist you with your conservatory bedroom ideas and will also include things to consider, so we recommend that you read

Turn your conservatory into a games-filled haven.

If you have little children or older children in your household, converting your conservatory into a games room is a great way to provide
them a place to relax and have fun.

A conservatory games room provides a distinct area away from your main living space, allowing you to relax in your main living room
while your children play in a different room.

The conservatory also provides extra storage space for toys and games, which may be hidden from view. Choosing furniture with
concealed storage will aid in the organisation of the gaming area. A foot stool, for example, is not only a great seat for gaming but also a
great place to hide games.

You may even want to add a television and surround sound to amp up the drama.

The Ideal Dining Room for Dinner Parties

We may not all be lucky enough to have a separate dining room in our houses, but a conservatory may simply be converted into one.

Your new addition is the ideal location for a conservatory dining room. Depending on the size of your conservatory, you may opt to have
both a dining and living area, or have your table serve as the room’s true centre point.

If you like organising dinner parties, an extensible table may be a good investment since it guarantees that you have adequate seats for
your guests when needed.

If you have a smaller conservatory, a fold-away table and chairs may be a better option, enabling you to utilise the area outside of meal

If you’re looking for some ideas, check out our blog on conservatory dining room ideas. It will assist you in getting started on changing the

For Your Plants, a Greenhouse

Unlike a greenhouse, you can better control the temperature of your conservatory, making it ideal for growing a wide range of fruits and

If you like gardening, having a conservatory to house your plants is a fantastic idea. Particularly if you don’t already have one.

And having a greenhouse in your conservatory gives you the added convenience of not having to go outside to water them, which is
especially useful during the winter months.

In a conservatory, you can grow almost any vegetable or salad plant, with tomatoes and strawberries being popular options.

However, you’ll need to think about things like ventilation. Natural light pours through the glass, much as it does in greenhouses, causing
temperatures to climb, particularly in the summer. Having a method to control the temperature in the conservatory, as well as the
appropriate shades to block out the sunshine when needed, can assist to extend the life of your plants.

A Place to Unwind In

A conservatory’s floor to ceiling glass helps to bring the outside in, making it the ideal location to unwind while looking out into your yard.

When it comes to resting, be sure the furniture you select enables you to do so comfortably. You might choose a reclining chair or an arm
chair with a foot stool to relax in after a hard day.
Investing in fragrant candles and covering furniture with blankets and cushions can assist to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Lavender plants, for example, will not only make your conservatory smell good, but will also assistto create a relaxing environment.

A Playroom for Kids

If you have smaller children, you might use the conservatory to store all of their toys and play in, similar to how you would use a games

Instead of a normal dinner table, a small plastic table, chairs, and kitchen equipment may be used. Allowing little children to personalise
the space.

With conservatories that open out to the garden, using the conservatory as a playroom makessense since it allows your kid to play both
inside and outside during the summer months, with toys easily accessible when they need them.

To add to the excitement, a conservatory playroom concept might incorporate a colourful tipi like this one, as well as plenty of toy storage
bins and brightly coloured images and couches.

The Ideal Spot for a Home Office

If you work from home on a daily basis and don’t have enough space for a dedicated workspace, a conservatory is a fantastic option to do
so for a fraction of the cost of a brick addition.

When it comes to aesthetics, an Edwardian or gable front conservatory office is a good choice since it has a square floor, which means
office furniture will fit better.

Blinds and a heating source are two things to think about. Because the light pours in through the windows, you’ll want to make sure you
can see your computer screen comfortably, so installing shades will make it easier to control the brightness of the space.

In addition, since a conservatory is mainly made of glass, the temperature is likely to decrease during the colder months. Installing a wall
radiator or purchasing a plug-in heater can assist control the temperature because you will be working here all year.

Storage in a Conservatory

A frequent issue is a lack of room. Even with a loft, you may discover that you do not have enough space to store all of your belongings.
As a result, a conservatory is an excellent location to keep your belongings.

It’s tucked away at the rear of your home, and it’s the ideal spot for furniture like shelves and storage cabinets to store your belongings.
You may even instal a privacy wall to allow you to buy higher storage furniture.

Investing in concealed storage will enable you to maximise the amount of room you have. Coffee tables, TV units, and foot stools may all
be bought with concealed storage, allowing you to relax in your conservatory knowing that all of your belongings are safe and out of sight.

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