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Imagine making a living area out of the huge gap under your house’s eaves.

A loft addition may transform those unused square metres into a variety of functional rooms, such as a teenager’s room, a luxury master
bedroom suite for you, or a peaceful study area.

In any case, studies indicate that adding a loft to your home increases its value significantly, so there’s no need to wait.

As one of Scotlands leading loft conversion builders, we can provide you with one of the fastest, simplest, and most cost-effective
methods to add room to your house. We are a family-owned company that specialises in loft conversions.

We provide a full design through to completion service, relieving you of the burden of the whole project. We’ll make sure that all of the
planning and construction requirements are followed, and we’ll think about headroom, water pressure, weight-bearing walls, and
insulation while designing a cosy environment.

We can help you decide if a dormer, Mansard, or skylight will fit in your house, whether you’ll need a new boiler or wiring, and what
roofing materials to use, among other things. Every little detail will be attended to.

Keep in mind that a loft conversion is the least invasive of all renovations since all construction is done in a non-living area, so much less
hassle than a conventional house extension.

To turn your Glasgow loft into living space area at a competitive prices get in touch with Luke Lloyd Builders. Click here for information