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Are you thinking of adding a garden room to your home? Before you pick up the phone and call the experts about your ideal luxury garden
room, there are a few things you should ask yourself.

First and foremost, you must choose what you want to do with your new area. There are many applications available on our website, and
the possibilities are endless.

Will the space serve as an extension of your office or a place to rest and unwind? Many garden room expansions are utilised to expand
real living space, but there has been a rise in demand for the independent living annex as well. Considering how the space will be utilised
will always lead to more options and decisions. For instance, will you need television, telephone, and internet connections, as well as what
interior furnishings will be required, and so on.

It’s also crucial to figure out how much room you have. This is a crucial issue for many individuals in the United Kingdom. The size of the
garden room that will work for you will be determined by the size of your garden area. Is planning approval required? This should be a key
consideration from the start.

Do you wish to contrast with or mirror the surrounding area’s style in terms of styling? Is it more essential to you that your garden room
blends in with its surroundings or stands out?

Finally, your outside living space should be complemented by your garden room. Are there any characteristics in your garden that you’d
want your garden expansion to complement?

Also, in which direction does the sun rise and set if you’re a sun worshipper? Will the sun’s rays be blocked by your new garden room?

So maybe the question should be, “Why not?”

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