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house extension

Adding a Side Return Extension to your house will increase its size and value and maximise the use of your plot’s footprint.

For the addition of a new kitchen space, a side return extension is an extremely popular choice since it adds additional room and light to
your house, making the new kitchen airy & light.

The labour involved in building a kitchen addition or a side return expansion is not difficult. The installation of structural steelwork and the
demolition of existing wall/s are all standard parts of the Scottish house extension building procedure that we are well-versed in.

Create higher or vaulted ceiling heights in the new section that contrast with the old to enhance the feeling of space in your new side
return extension. This will pull the eye higher, making even a little increase in space seem considerably bigger.

For your side return extension, there are a number of practical options. If you don’t want to use radiators, underfloor heating is the way to
go; it offers a uniformly distributed and cost-effective heat source. The kitchen island, which is typically located in the centre of the
expansion, serves as a work and storage area as well as an appealing element.

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