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The popular skylight loft conversion will bring our series of loft conversion types to a close. Because it does not change the basic structure of your loft, this sort of loft conversion is suitable for a wide range of property types and localities. It’s also one of the most affordable loft conversion options, so it’s a great way to save money while still adding value to your house in London or the Midlands! What is a loft conversion with skylights? The original structure of the loft is not modified or added to when a skylight loft conversion is done. To provide natural light into the loft space, a number of skylights are installed on the existing roof structure. The property does not gain any more head height or width, but your loft will be boarded and plastered, giving it a useable new area. The goal of this loft conversion is to turn your gloomy loft storage area into a brightly light new room. Your loft must fulfil some minimal standards in order to have a skylight conversion. A pitch height of 2.2 is required, but if it is less than that, the height of the ceiling on the floor below can be reduced. A skylight conversion is similar to a rear dormer conversion in that it requires the construction of a suspended floor, insulation of the loft area, and the installation of a staircase. A skylight conversion is an excellent choice for many properties in conservation areas or historical zones around the country. This is owing to the fact that, unlike other loft conversion types, it has a limited influence on the surrounding environment because the roof structure is not dramatically altered. A skylight conversion, as well as mansard loft conversions with a sympathetic design, is a safe bet to be authorised through planning permission if you have a very severe council for whatever reason. Visit your local council’s website or contact them directly to find out which kind of loft conversions they allow. Look around your neighbourhood to discover what kind of loft conversions have already been allowed. The cost of a skylight conversion varies based on your home and the style of glass you select, but you should expect to pay around 32k inclusive of VAT for one. This price includes the removal of the old roof and the installation of a new roof with skylights, as well as the inside plastering. You may do whatever you like with your new space; one of our former clients turned their new loft space into a family home theatre. Visit here for more info on a loft conversion in Glasgow