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Are you considering a sunroom in Aberdeen?

If you want all the benefits of contemporary conservatories with the privacy and homey feel of the rest of your Aberdeen house, look no further than our sunrooms. For a beautiful addition, these stunning modern double-glazed extensions offer the finest windows and a strong roof. By adding Luke Lloyd Builders Sunrooms to your present home, you may bring more natural light into your life.

Have you ever wished for some time to yourself? Perhaps a relaxing atmosphere with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while reading a good book. Perhaps you’d want to relax while taking in the breathtaking, uninterrupted views of your garden or the hills beyond, with some soothing music playing in the background.

Then a custom-built sunroom from Aberdeen’s Luke Lloyd Builders is a smart choice. Since 1995, Luke Lloyd Builders has designed, supplied, and installed high-quality sunrooms for homes around Aberdeen and the West of Scotland. In recent years, Luke Lloyd Builders has expanded its product line to include bi-fold doors and construction services, with a focus on lifestyle expansions and sunrooms. Homeowners in Scotland may now make use of all of these services.

Working with a Conscientious Installer

We care about the environment just as much as we care about offering top-notch double glazing. Working with Luke Lloyd Builders to improve your Aberdeen home now will ensure that the installation process is ecologically friendly. As a SEPA licenced installer, we are legally permitted to dispose of construction debris in a safe and efficient manner, reducing the environmental impact of your installation.

This, however, isn’t the only thing we do to reduce our carbon footprint. We also take care to recycle all of our cardboard and paper products, as well as 90% of our old windows. We also use a cost-effective fuelling strategy that allows us to save up to 10,000 miles per year. This astounding statistic shows our dedication to ecologically friendly practices.

Protect Your Assets

Any extension must also offer you the same level of protection as the rest of your house. As a consequence, our sunrooms have the same security measures as our double glazing products, such as high-tech locking mechanisms and specialised hinge bolts to prevent forced entry.

Many of our double glazing products may be modified to satisfy Secured by Design standards. Furthermore, the impact-resistant reinforced double glazing used in our sunrooms protects you against both intrusion attempts and weather-wear. Right now, take advantage of a high-security product!

Designed to Blend in with Your Home’s Decor

Any extension installation may appear to be a huge undertaking, and it’s important that your new purchase has a range of characteristics, ranging from security to energy efficiency. However, this should never come at the price of elegance, which is why we provide a wide range of room customization options. You may emphasise your individual taste with Luke Lloyd Builders Windows.

Enjoy our vast selection of colours and finishes, all of which are moisture, warping, and rotting resistant. Composite decking, glass balustrades, temperature control systems, and other amenities may be added to our sunrooms, just as they can to our conservatories. Solar-gain glass styled windowpanes, and a range of hardware modifications are all available via Luke Lloyd Builders.

In Aberdeen, we also provide conservatories, house expansions, and garden rooms. 

We cover areas such as Ballater, Braemar, Stonehaven, Peterhead, Inverurie, Huntly and Turriff.

About Us

Sean Paul
Sean Paul
The service provided throughout the whole job from start to finish was highly professional and outstanding. They took all the stress of managing a building project and delivered a fantastic result, assisted with the initial plans, and had some great ideas I would recommend their services 100%.
Rose Lai
Rose Lai
I do not judge people by the mistakes, but by how they deal with them.We felt, very quickly in safe hands.We paid a fair price, received a great service and excellent works.We couldn’t ask for more and we would recommend them (and we never do that lightly)
Arden Denofrio
Arden Denofrio
Good communication throughout and having a fixed cost agremment made it easier for us to keep to our budget.
Chelsea Clarke
Chelsea Clarke
His team were very professional.The guys were great to deal with and were happy to talk to me if I had any queries while they were working on site.They did the job in good time, with little as possible disruption to myself.They cleaned up after themselves.Overall experience was excellent.
Matthias Vasseur
Matthias Vasseur
Very helpful in discussing options and giving advice on loft conversions, possibilities, impossibilities etc. Very friendly, straight-talking and informative. Would certainly recommend to anyone considering their loft options.
Iveth Fonseca
Iveth Fonseca
The finish is of an incredibly high standard and advice & direction given when necessary was great. Couldn't recommend these guys enough and would most certainly use again if I ever required.
Barma Yandeho
Barma Yandeho
We are extremely pleased with the results. The work is of extremely high standards.It was important to us to have people we can trust. We are so happy – Thank you
Julia Sharlin
Julia Sharlin
There were helpful, responsive, great value and did a really good job. Highly recommended.
Chanel Walker
Chanel Walker
The work was completed so quickly to a very high standard. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and would definitely recommend their services.
Rodolfo Gibbs
Rodolfo Gibbs
I thought it was fitting to leave my thoughts and opinions on the business. Over the past few years, we have expanded and grown as a business and employees. I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues and our clients a-like and am looking forward to what the future holds.
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We have the greatest expertise in Sunrooms in Aberdeen. From gaining planning clearance through final installation, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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Sunroom Designs That Are One-Of-A-Kind

Solid wall and roof sunroom extensions, completely insulated warm space, aare more useful than a conservatory.

Sunrooms, sunrooms, or conservatories, as they are sometimes known, will be a warm and comfortable space for all seasons because Luke Lloyd Builders only builds heated and fully insulated warm rooms. Our sunrooms are thoroughly insulated under the flooring and behind the walls with the most up-to-date rigid board insulation. The specialised insulating glass for the windows and doors, as well as the most up-to-date insulation boards used on the roof, are designed to provide the ultimate in heat and comfort for your sunroom or orangery throughout the year. The alternatives accessible to you, along with contemporary technology, will guarantee that your sunroom is wind and waterproof, warm and secure whatever the weather in our Scottish environment, thanks to Luke Lloyd Builders planning experience.

What Is a Sunroom?


Sunrooms come in a variety of forms and sizes. Most importantly, a sunroom may now be customised to meet your unique demands at home. From the inside, a well-designed sunroom will seem like a natural extension of your house, while from the outside, it will match the architecture of the structure and your landscape. We can also do a visual 3D laptop presentation in the comfort of your own home, where we can design your sunroom together and show you the finished product before you buy anything. This can be beneficial to you because it allows you to see all of the sunroom options, availability, and finished sunroom designs. Our professional designers are happy to provide this service to ensure that your finished sunroom is exactly how you wanted and imagined it, allowing you to see your idea before we build it or give you a sunroom estimate.

Only after the sunroom has been fully designed and we have completed all of the practical arrangements for your conservatory, such as preparing working drawings and obtaining relevant permissions from your local council for planning permission and building warrants, if these are required (we can also advise you on these), can we begin manufacturing the components.

What are the advantages of having a sunroom?

If you decide to add a UPVC sunroom to your home in Aberdeen, it is one way to add a bright and comfortable new living space to your home, but with so many options these days, it can be difficult to decide which design to go for. 

Additional living area: The bigger the sunroom, the more additional living space you will have. This extra space may be a lifesaver for busy families, providing a fresh, calm option for a crowded living room.

Customizable and one-of-a-kind: When it comes to creating a sunroom, you have a lot of freedom in terms of shape, materials, and style.

More privacy than conservatories: Conservatories feature glass roofs, which means that while gazing out a top-floor window, neighbours may see right inside. Sunrooms have a standard roof, so this is not an issue.

Enjoy your yard without getting wet: the Scottish weather is fickle, and rain is a regular occurrence. If you’ve invested time and money in developing a lovely garden, a sunroom allows you to enjoy it without getting soaked.

Long-lasting: Sunrooms built to a high standard are meant to last for a long time, providing you with peace of mind.

Enhance the value of your property: Adding more living space or a room to your home might increase its worth by up to 7%.

Additional storage: In addition to using your sunroom as additional living space, you have the option of adding additional storage.

Reduce Energy Bills: Sunrooms trap heat inside your house, decreasing the need for your heat to be on all of the time during the cooler months.

It can improve security: Many sunrooms come with extra lockable doors to improve your home’s security.

Most budgets may be accommodated: Your ideal sunroom is available for £13,000 to £70,000.

With all of the recent changes in sunroom building regulations, there is an increasing number of conservatory companies that aren’t completely up to date on these ever-changing sunroom regulations, as well as some that couldn’t care less and would rather sell you anything than the right product for your home and garden. One major change is that all sunrooms, whether heated or not, must be insulated. These changes were made in response to a large number of so-called sunroom specialists telling their clients that they could add heating to a sunroom after receiving the completion certificate, even if the sunroom was built with very little insulation.

We’re here to make sure you get the right advice on the design, building type, and building process for your planned sunroom, and, most importantly, that you pick the right company to build your sunroom at a fair and affordable price.


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The entire time, there will be one-on-one attention. We try to provide a seamless transition from one stage of a project to the next while maintaining a satisfied customer.

planning features


The entire time, there will be one-on-one attention. We try to provide a seamless transition from one stage of a project to the next while maintaining a satisfied customer.cesses, and people are used for your project.

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Most Popular Questions

What Is The Cost Of A Sunroom?

Depending on the type, a Luke Lloyd Builders Sunroom may cost somewhat more than a comparable-sized conventional room addition – but will bring far more value to your home and family life than a standard room. Consider a Luke Lloyd Builders glass room addition if you want to add space, light, and an airy, open atmosphere to your house. Concerning particular prices, there are several elements to consider when estimating – everything from the size and design of the sunroom, conservatory, or patio room to site drainage issues can impact pricing. That is why we provide a no-obligation, free on-site design consultation. Make an appointment with us now!

How Long Will It Take For My Sunroom To Be Completed?

The duration of your glass room addition is determined by the size and intricacy of your sunroom, conservatory, or patio enclosure – but on average, it takes a few weeks from start to completion. Due to the modular building processes and proven designs used by Luke Lloyd Builders Sunrooms, all of our patio rooms, sunrooms, and conservatories are built significantly faster than an average addition. We recognise that you will be residing in your house for the duration of our work, and as such, we will execute the project as swiftly, efficiently, quietly, and unobtrusively as possible.

How Much Space Will A Sunroom Require?

Glass room extensions by Luke Lloyd Builders may be nearly any size, from a small balcony to a sprawling backyard conservatory.

Why Choose US

Providing High-Quality House Extensions at an Affordable Price

Problem Solution


Your project will receive personalised attention from start to finish. We provide a smooth transition between processes and, most importantly, a successful project and a delighted customer by continuing communication with you, the client.

planning features


The customer is prioritised when it comes to quality and architecture. We take pride in utilising only the finest for your project — the greatest tools, the finest construction methods, and the finest employees.

Sun room Glasgow Newton mearns

What Affects the Price of a Sunroom

The majority of sunrooms cost between £12,000 and £70,000. However, the following factors will have an influence on the amount you pay:

Glass, aluminium, brick, and UPVC are among the materials used to construct a sunroom, and each is priced differently.

Sunroom Size: Larger sunrooms cost more in terms of materials and labour.

You’ll pay a lot more for electrics and heating if you want your sunroom to be at the end of the garden rather than linked to the home.

Within 25 metres of the house, connecting electrics might cost between £400 and £800.

Foundations: If the present foundations are inadequate, you’ll need to allocate extra funds for groundwork.

Sunroom layout/shape: Sunrooms with unusual shapes will be more expensive to create and will require expert design.

Quality of work: You’ll need to decide on the materials utilised as well as the tradesperson’s experience. Higher-quality materials and more knowledgeable personnel will result in higher sunroom prices, but in a higher-quality, longer-lasting sunroom.

Added ventilation or heating: If you want your sunroom to be pleasant no matter what the weather is like, you may add ventilation and heating, which are both added costs.

Additional characteristics include:

Lighting, roof windows, furnishings, and curtains are all options. Each additional feature will raise the amount you pay.

Expect to pay extra for finishing touches like painting and carpeting.

The present state of space is as follows: The present area must be prepared before a sunroom may be installed. This may entail demolishing existing structures, digging, and installing water-resistant membranes.

What additions can I put in my sunroom as an option?

Adding optional additions to your sunroom may truly make it work for you, such as:

Bi-fold or french doors (find out how much bi-fold doors cost to install); Heating, air conditioning, flooring, furniture, and blinds are all available.

sunroom Inverness
The Process

Why Us

We also want you to be able to take advantage of these fantastic benefits for many years to come, which is why we use cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Protective coatings, long-lasting frameworks, and well-designed profiles are all employed to guarantee that your product keeps you warm and secure for an extended period of time.

We are so confident in the quality of our sunrooms that we back them up with a 10-year warranty. With robust profiles restricting unauthorised access and attractive finishes that resist moisture, decay, and discolouration, these materials, installed by our expert installation crews, will protect you from the worst the world has to offer. Only a quick wipe down is required for our bathrooms.

Warm Up Your Home

For a variety of reasons, our double glazing is energy efficient. Simply put, vacuum-sealing technology is used in modern double glazing to minimise draughts and trap heat behind strong seals. As a result, your home will be naturally warmer, saving you money by reducing your reliance on central heating and, as a result, your energy bills.

You may also utilise our customising choices to improve the energy efficiency of your sunrooms. Solar gain glass is particularly effective at letting natural light in through your windows while reducing glare. As a result, we have warm winters and pleasant summers. You could also use cutting-edge temperature cooling technologies.

Prices for rooms in Aberdeen

You’ll receive market-leading quality and all the benefits of modern double glazing with Luke Loyd Builders’ sunrooms. Our field employees have years of experience in creating the greatest sunrooms on this side of Scotland.

If you want any further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. 

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