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house extension

As home renovation experts, we are often asked a variety of questions by Glasgow residents who want to expand or remodel their
homes. After being stuck at home during the pandemic, it’s a good moment to ask: is this a good time to expand my home? One thing is
certain: there is no one-size-fits-all solution to this issue. At Luke Lloyd Builders, we understand that there are a plethora of factors and
situations that are unique to you. As a consequence, the responses should be customised for you as well. We thought we’d go through
some important points to think about to help you evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of extending, and if now is the appropriate moment
to do so.

Why extend it?

The first thing you should consider is why you want to expand your house. Many of our customers contact us because they need
additional room, although the reasons for this demand vary greatly. One of the most common reasons for expanding is to accommodate a
growing family, in which case, loft conversions are usually the best choice, since extra bedrooms are required. A loft conversion is likely
to be your answer if you work from home and need a peaceful study or office space. With that stated, we often construct office spaces on
the ground floor, especially if you are adding significant space to the home via a ground floor extension. Many homeowners want to make
better use of their living and cooking space, which is where a kitchen extension comes in handy. A ground floor extension’s additional
features may incorporate a variety of interesting elements, such as bi-fold doors and Velux-style roof-sloped windows.

Picking the right time

After you’ve determined why you want to extend it, the next item to think about is the best time to do so. Is there a reason to start this
project right now? If you’re expanding to make room for your increasing family, it may be necessary to complete it by a particular date.
Some of our customers prefer to schedule the project’s construction phase around a vacation. The strip-out and demolition at the start of
the building work is the hardest phase if you plan on living there throughout the construction. If you plan your summer vacation to coincide
with the start of your project, you’ll be able to bypass the most difficult parts and return when things have calmed down.

According to our expertise, the construction phase of your project requires some serious thought and preparation, so it is important to
finalise exactly what you require during the design phase. This means you may study the ideas and ponder your plans for as long as you
need in conjunction with your architect or we can put you with one if required. Planning permission is generally (but not always) required
and can take 1-2 months, depending on your local authority and the nature of your specific project.

A conventional ground floor (single storey) extension can take anything from 2-5 months depending on the work/scale involved.

Extending vs moving house

If you need additional room, you may want to consider relocating rather than expanding. Weighing which option is more cost-effective and
effective is always a good approach to arriving at the best choice. One of the reasons so many homeowners choose to expand is
because the expenses and labour involved in relocating are often comparable to the cost of an addition. Furthermore, rather than losing
money on taxes, agents, and legal costs, the expansion will increase the value of your current home. Remember to account for estate
agent costs, stamp duty, solicitors’ fees (both selling and purchasing), bank/building society mortgage fees, and moving expenses when
buying and selling a home.

Extending a house in Glasgow? Then contact Luke Lloyd Builders for professional home improvement building work.