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An at-home gym in your garden cabin might be exactly what you’re looking for to get in shape this year!

Getting and keeping in shape used to involve paying for an expensive gym subscription. You’d have to go out in all kinds of weather “
possibly 3-4 times a week to get the most out of it ” and carve out time in your schedule for working out between long commutes, longer
work days, and family obligations.

So, what’s the answer?

A garden cabin is one of the greatest alternatives available if you have enough room in your yard.

The following are seven reasons why:

Your own gym in your garden cabin


This needs to be the most important item on the list. What better location for a gym than right in your own back yard? A gym that is within
walking distance, open at all hours of the day, and requires no travel!

Even if it snows, you won’t be able to avoid working out! Perfect!


When it comes to creating your ideal gym, installing a garden cabin will require a big expenditure. Along with kiting it out, you’ll need to
add electricity, heating, and/or air conditioning. However, once completed, it may remain in place for the rest of your life.

There are no monthly fees, no travel charges, and you may use it as frequently as you like.

“British consumers waste £37 million a year on gym subscriptions, exercise and slimming programmes that they never attend… Forgotten
direct debits continue to take money months after people have abandoned the treadmill, leaving the typical adult losing £303 a year. “

If you decide to sell your home in the future, your cabin should help to boost its value and appeal to potential purchasers. That investment
will quickly pay for itself!

Personalized to your preferences

Whether you like to lift weights or run, practise daily yoga or pole fitness, de-stress with a punch bag, or burn calories in a HIIT session,
your garden cabin gym can accommodate your preferences.

You may designate separate sections for different types of workouts. For instance, a corner for your warm-up that may also serve as a
relaxation station, a larger space for your machines and gym equipment, a cooler for your beverages, and a mirror wall.

If you want to use weights in your garden gym, you’ll need to strengthen the floor so it can withstand the impact. To preserve your joints
during any workout, you may wish to invest in sprung flooring or padding.

The remainder of the decor, however, is totally up to you; there’s no need to compromise!

A Workout Environment That Is Customized for Your Specific Needs.

When you walk into a gym, it’s often excessively hot since there are just too many people exercising at the same time. Other times, it’s
way too chilly because the air conditioning has been turned up.

All of it can be forgotten about when you build your own garden gym, because you may install a self-controlling system.

You may need to warm your garden cabin gym before going out into it during the cooler winter months. What could be more convenient
than being able to do so from the comfort of your own home?

Then how about being able to just turn on the air conditioning once you’ve warmed up sufficiently from your workout? Perfect!

You may also choose the sort of lighting you like, where it is placed, and even add a dimmer switch if you want to add some ambiance to
your workout.

Why not invest in a quality sound system as well as some soundproofing if you want to crank up the volume while you work out?

Your garden cabin construction may simply adapt and meet all of your demands, making your workout considerably more attractive,
pleasant, and enjoyable!


It’s usually more pleasant to work out with a friend or two. Another reason why a garden cabin is a fantastic place to put your gym is that
you have someone to spot you, inspire you, and have a laugh with.

Your friends will like coming over to socialise, and they will appreciate the fact that there are no gym costs!
Extend Your Gym Into Your Backyard

What better way to spice up your training routine than by opening the doors and stepping out onto your lawn when the weather warms

You might be able to workout outside with part of your equipment. Why not perform your morning yoga on the lawn or sit inside your
garden cottage and enjoy the warm, fresh air?

If you only use what’s available around you, each gym session may be entirely different.

Open the doors to your backyard gym.

Using Space for Outsourcing

You could want to try renting out your garden cabin or your property to other individuals or fitness instructors, depending on the size of
your garden cabin and the size of your land.

This would be a fantastic opportunity to earn some additional money while still getting a return on your investment.

Not all personal trainers can afford to give a gym a percentage of their salary. Many people do their training in open areas such as parks.

This may be extremely off-putting to certain clients throughout the cold months. Imagine being able to provide them with a completely
furnished indoor environment!

It’s possible that you’ll need to check into additional insurance to cover your equipment, but it’ll be well worth it in the long run.

You may use your luxury home gym as a yoga studio for small sessions if you have enough floor space and can relocate certain
equipment to the edges. It’s absolutely worth investigating and reaching out to local small companies to see if there’s any interest.
Someone else might as well be using it during the day if you aren’t using it during the day. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation!

That’s why we think a garden cabin gym is a great idea!

Perhaps you have a few more? Please let us know if you already have a garden cabin gym and how much you enjoy it.

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