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Bathroom in Loft Glasgow, Scotland

Bathroom renovations are an excellent method to increase the value of your house without spending as much as a kitchen makeover. Are
you on the lookout for bathroom remodelling ideas? Here, Luke Lloyd Builders offers some tips for you if you are considering a bathroom

If you have the space, adding a second bathroom to a one-bathroom house can increase its attractiveness to potential buyers.

Adding a second sink will improve functionality by allowing several individuals to use the area at the same time.

Taps, shower doors/enclosures, and vents should all be replaced if they are old.

Consider replacing the wall finishes with paint or tile instead of wall paper or beat board.

Storage is usually required in bathrooms, so include storage options.

We can provide a wide range of options for your Glasgow bathroom renovation – whether it’s a West End townhouse, a Newton Mearns villa or a Shawlands tenement Luke Lloyd Builders can supply and fit the replacement bathroom that meets your needs. Click here to find out more