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Are you thinking of setting up a home yoga studio?

Yoga has the advantage of being able to be practised anywhere. If you ask any yogi, they will most certainly tell you about how entering
their favourite yoga studio changes their attitude and feeling of being in the world. A beautiful studio may play a key part in establishing
the tranquilly associated with yoga, whether it’s via the use of incense sticks, Buddha statues, candles, or the presence of other like-
minded individuals.

A Luke Lloyd Builders yoga room will offer you a welcoming, insulated dedicated practise area. We can assist you in creating your own
beautiful garden retreat at the bottom of your yard.

Create a calm environment

Your senses of smell, sight, and sound will be heightened as your body relaxes and becomes more involved with its natural environment
during Natural Light and Fresh Air Yoga. We suggest shutting off artificial light, opening the windows, and allowing natural sunshine to
illuminate your yoga studio if you want to completely relax inside it.


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a colour for the inside of your yoga room. This is just a matter of personal
taste. Warm whites and neutral-colored walls, according to some yogis, are the greatest for connecting with your inner self. Other yogis
are interested in learning more about natural wall coverings like wood cladding. This will give it a natural, down-to-earth vibe. Whatever
you select, make sure the paint or wall coverings are peaceful and non-distracting.


As previously said, yoga is a multi-sensory experience, therefore appealing to each of your senses is an important element of establishing
a relaxing atmosphere. Include real plants, candles, and incense sticks around your yoga area to appeal to all of your senses. You’ll be
amazed at how important fragrance is in establishing the ideal meditation environment.

Organize & Accessorize

Although they seem to be at odds when used together, we suggest cleaning your area first and then accessorising with useful or beautiful
objects. Begin by avoiding the urge to “stuff” your yoga space with things that either serve no function or just do not create a relaxing tone.

You will immediately eliminate distractions by eliminating unnecessary things, allowing you more room to move and relax. When it comes
to accessorising, don’t make things too complicated. Begin with a shelf, some pillows, and maybe a Buddha statue. Try practising yoga in
your new room for a few weeks and see how your surroundings help or impede your concentration.

Why should you select us to open your new yoga studio?

Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process of creating your perfect environment. We will ask you questions during your
design session to help you understand how you want your new space to function for you.

The following are some of the questions we may ask you to help you decide on the quantity of glass and where windows and doors
should be placed in your yoga room:

Doors and Windows

What is the building’s orientation? ” Is it more appealing to have a lot of sunlight or a bit more shade?

Do you need a lot of space on the wall for equipment and/or mirrors?

Will the room be utilised for additional purposes, such as a general family area, an office, or anything else?

Do you want the space to be able to open out to the garden?

Options for doors and windows

Another thing to think about is if your yoga studio may need to be converted for other use in the future. If you were to sell your home, the
new owners may choose an art studio or a children’s room.

The look, use, and cost of your garden room are all influenced by the doors and windows. When you’ve determined your priorities, we’ll be
able to assist you.

Heating and air conditioning…

What temperature do you want your yoga studio to be?

Air conditioning/climate control: Ideal for summer cooling as well as winter heating. Though there will be an external device to place, it will
be simple to operate and not too obtrusive.

Underfloor heating provides a soothing heat that is perfect for a yoga class. There is no encroachment on wall or floor space, and the
controls are precise.

If you like fresh air, opening windows and doors is the way to go.
Blinds may be useful for reducing solar gain. We can advise on whether they should be integrated into the glass or simply affixed to the
window surrounds.

Other things to think about for your yoga studio

Do you want to take your practice outdoors or create an outdoor relaxing area?

Toilet and shower facilities are available.

Flooring: The kind of flooring chosen must provide a safe, sanitary, durable, and appealing environment.

Would you need a wall-mounted TV, sound system, floor outlets for equipment, internet, or a security system in addition to the electrics
that come standard in your new room?

Looking for a private yoga room in Glasgow? Get in touch with Luke Lloyd Builders to supply & install your new yoga studio wherever you are in west central Scotland