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house extension

New customers who have been left in the lurch on their home extension project by cowboy builders often approach us. Such operators
either don’t answer the phone or they’ve vanished with the crew, tools, and money (usually onto another, more lucrative job)! Luke Lloyd
Builders offers flexible payment arrangements inluding staged payments to control the flow of cash for both the customer and the
business. All of these services are provided by our project management team, which is comprised of a single person responsible for each
of our projects. You will pay somewhat more for project management than for a day-to-day builder, but you will have peace of mind and a
transparent process with the likelihood of disappearing builders much reduced.

We believe in hiring a renowned construction firm to provide you with the confidence and comfort you need for your renovations and
expansions. Architects should be assigned to drawings, specifications, and site inspections on a weekly basis. Before you start work on a
project, you should check at least two recommendations for a construction firm. We take great pleasure in recurring business and
customer referrals, since this is our strongest selling point! We step in to help busy people source all of their planning & construction

The benefit of enlisting the help of your construction firm to source materials is that they will often discover the greatest trade bargains
and will know which items are most suited to the design area and purpose of your remodel. When shopping for materials, don’t discount
the benefits of a good builder with expert contacts. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. We use the power of our knowledge to help

For all types of house extension in Glasgow, call on the professionals at Luke Lloyd Builders. Click here for information & to arrange a quote.