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house extension

Do you want to expand or renovate your existing home?

Or perhaps you’re a landlord with a rental property that has to be renovated or converted? In these locations, Luke Lloyd Builders can
provide skilled and dependable construction services. We can either do the project for you or collaborate with you; in any case, we would
be delighted to discuss your needs in more depth.

It’s not simple to decide whether or not to expand or renovate your home. Before you even begin your project, selecting the appropriate
building firm to collaborate with may be challenging and frustrating.

We understand your worries and will work with you from the start to guarantee a seamless transition from the planning phases to
completion. Project management is critical to ensuring that this process goes well, and we will appoint a project manager to your home
extension who will supervise the whole project.

Extensions to a house may be single or two-story, can be a little amount or several metres long, and can be made of conventional or
specialty materials to complement your home. Budgets for extensions may therefore vary from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands
of pounds depending on what is involved.

The cost of trained tradespeople will vary depending on where you reside; for example, in certain regions, competent tradespeople may
cost less than £125 per day or many times that. Most individuals have no clear idea as to what is/is not a reasonable rate to charge so
relying on a building company means you tap into our existing expert knowledge of the sector of both rates and quality of workmanship.

We are also extremely competitive on pricing when it comes to all styles & types of house extensions in Glasgow so click here to get in touch with Luke Lloyd Builders when you’re ready to go ahead with your home extension.