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garden room scotland

Is a multifunctional garden room something you’d want to have? It ought to be!

Can you picture having that additional room available throughout the summer and beyond?

Guest room garden room

To begin with, being able to provide your visiting family and friends with their own private lodging at the foot of the garden may help
relieve the yuletide sensation of tripping over one another. The installation of a shower room and a w/c also eliminates the inconvenient
restroom “queue”… It is, after all, the season to be cheerful, not unhappy!

Our insulated structures provide ideal guest rooms not just during the hectic Christmas season, but all year long. Some customers even
decide to rent out their multifunctional garden area as a vacation rental.

Teenagers’ recreation room

During the lengthy school and college vacations, most adolescents seek a location to hang out or escape to. Having adolescents living at
home or just home from university for the holidays, no matter how large your house is, comes with baggage…..literally. Who wouldn’t
benefit from a little extra room?

A multifunctional garden area separate from the house will offer a secure, private atmosphere. It may be to watch movies, play video
games, socialise with friends, or even study. A space that can grow and adapt with your family.

Garden room to relax in

Our custom rooms are completely insulated, making them ideal for usage throughout the year-spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Many
of our multifunctional garden rooms have also proved to be ideal hideaways.

Whatever the reason, who wouldn’t want their own garden room to spend some alone time at any time of year?

Let Luke Lloyd Builders build your multifunctional garden room in Glasgow (anywhere in the Greater Glasgow area). Click here for more information and to arrange a free site visit & fast quote.