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farmhouse kitchen

Contemporary country kitchens check all the boxes, from timeless elegance to excellent practicality, and they embody the very best of
traditional Scottish homes.

It’s not surprising that we want to recreate the nostalgic country kitchens seen in old country houses in our own homes.They’re
wonderfully cosy, familiar, and timeless. However, there is a knack for giving it a contemporary touch, particularly when it comes to
designing a kitchen with some distinctive elements. Scottish houses are ideal for recreating this style, allowing you to make the most of
existing architectural elements while paying tribute to others. There are several important ways to make your contemporary country
kitchen your own, from colour choices to hardware, tiles, and flooring, so it stands out and looks a million dollars.

1. A backsplash with feature tiling is a nice touch.

A tiled backsplash is a traditional rural kitchen feature that you can dress up by utilising a basic handmade-style in a more complex
pattern, like this herringbone pattern. We love how this concept pays homage to organic rural textures while being clean and modern in a
modern kitchen environment.

2. Display your china on open shelves.

A traditional cottage kitchen feature is displaying your favourite plates and serving items. It reminds us of rustic rural dining with
mismatched tableware accumulated over time.

Arranging your carefully chosen pieces and making sure they match other colours in your palette is a lovely way to give this vintage
element a contemporary twist, so it fits right in with the current country style. We also suggest, as they have done here, matching your
shelves to other wood colours to bring everything together.

3. Vertical panelling creates a genuine rural atmosphere.

If you want your kitchen to have a really contemporary, rural feel, wood panelling is a necessity. It’s not only a practical kitchen surface in
terms of how simple it is to clean, but it also stands up to a lot of steam and heat. We love how it nearly reaches the ceiling in this kitchen,
allowing for the beautiful tailor’s hooks and a stylish bar at the bottom.

4. Wall lights add a new dimension

Lighting in all the appropriate places is one of the secrets to a well-planned kitchen. Ceiling lights don’t always provide the sort of lighting
we need to prepare difficult dishes or perfect our frosting.

Wall-mounted lights complement the darker hardware while also adding a splash of brightness to the space. This also adds to the
flexibility of the design, as it may be directed at various parts of your work surface, depending on your requirements.

5. Use a marble worktop to make astatement

Marble is typically associated with ultra-modern, sleek, and minimalist kitchens, but it is also a prominent element in traditional rural
kitchens. Marble’s durability makes it a popular option for this kind of kitchen since it stands up to the test of time (as well as heat, damp,
and steam), unlike virtually any other material.

Making your marble a focal point with a matched backsplash, countertop, and shelf adds a stylish touch to an otherwise simple colour
design. We particularly like how this kitchen has utilised it to highlight the gold hardware for a touch of additional opulence.

6. Embrace white

When it comes to selecting a traditional and timeless colour scheme for your contemporary country kitchen, pure white is a safe bet that
won’t let you down. Although off-white and cream colours are popular in rural kitchens, a fresh, bright, and adaptable white is the way to
go for a more modern appearance.

With an all-white design, you may use whatever hardware finish you like, but keep appliances and accessories within the neutral colour
range to truly nail the effect.

7. Create a plan that revolves around a huge island.

Having a big island in your contemporary country kitchen, if space allows, may be the greatest choice you can make when it comes to
choosing the appropriate layout.

Install the sink or stove inside the island, or simply a traditional breakfast bar, to provide a communal area for gathering or informal
eating.It reminds us of large old comfortable dining tables in rural kitchens where the family would gather to prepare a feast.

8. Parquet flooring should be in every kitchen.

We like a fancy floor, and kitchens are no exception when it comes to floor decor. For practicality, tiles and stone are the most popular,
but wood is surprisingly simple to wash and clean, and it also stands up well to high-traffic use. For maximum durability, there are also
some wonderfully realistic wood tiles on the market.

Using a historical flooring pattern in your kitchen, as seen in this example, is a lovely way to add character while also paying homage to
the origins of the concept and its history.

9. Experiment with pastels

Pastel colours are ideal for enhancing a traditional rural colour scheme because of their romance and gentle nostalgia.
Working with big-scale blocks of soft colour, such as this dusky pink, gives your kitchen the warmth and vitality that comes with colour,
while yet maintaining the delicacy of such a traditional kitchen design. Keeping accessories in softer, neutral, and natural tones also aids
in creating a timeless look.

10. Extensive display cases

High ceilings in historic buildings are found in a large number of UK homes, which are an architectural gold mine. For daily china and
glassware, making the most of the additional space in a kitchen may be difficult, but it provides the ideal chance to showcase the finer,
special occasion items.

You can show off your finer kitchen items and utilise the upper shelves of your wall cabinets as storage while also adding to your
aesthetic by choosing to have glass fronts on your cabinets.

11. Use a darker feature colour to see what you can come up with.

Light, airy colours with warm undertones are popular in modern country kitchens, but a dark feature colour is a certain way to bring a
traditional kitchen into the modern day.

To keep the room feeling cosy and inviting, pick a deeper blue or green with warm undertones, but don’t be afraid to contrast with other
kitchen d├ęcor or even go a few shades darker than you normally would with your palette, since they’ll balance each other out.

12. Make a statement with a bar cabinet.

The good old kitchen closet pantry is well-known and loved, but what about stocking it with your favourite tipples? That’s what we’re here

This custom piece is a sophisticated way to add real party cred to your contemporary country kitchen, and we particularly like the glass
compartments in the door, which ensure that your favourite glasses won’t be shattered. If alcoholic drinks aren’t your thing, this may easily
double as a coffee bar.

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