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Bathroom Fitters Glasgow

Most homeowners reach a point in their lives when they are weary of staring at the same bathroom and feel they need to take advantage
of the chance to alter the aesthetic. While you may think that you can manage this kind of change on your own, using the services of Luke
Lloyd Builders, is the best option to achieve a high quality end result. Allow us to provide some much-needed advice on the topic if you’re
uncertain about the kinds of features Scottish clients now see as must-haves for a new bathroom installation in Glasgow.

Mirrors with Anti-Fog Technology

Anti-fog mirrors are perhaps not the most spectacular instances of invention, but there is no disputing the degree of convenience they
offer to their owners. As you may have guessed, the fact that these goods do not allow condensation to build up distinguishes them from
their regular equivalents. You won’t have to wipe the screen clean after a shower any longer. Instead, you may get ready right away,
allowing you to use the time saved on more practical tasks.

Double basins

Those of you who share a bathroom with your spouse are surely acquainted with the difficulties that occur when you are forced to share a
single sink. If you and your partner are both hurrying to get ready for work, the necessity of washing your teeth at the same time, for
example, may lead to arguing and overall discomfort. When you purchase a set of his-and-her basins, you may forget about this kind of
encounter. These complementary items are not only stunning to look at, but also very useful.

Glazed walk-in shower

If you go into any high-end professional bathroom installation company’s showroom, you’ll notice that walk-in showers are prominently
displayed, and there are many reasons for this. Washing is no longer seen as a chore; it may instead be enjoyed as a soothing pastime. If
you have the space needed for one of these features, we strongly advise you to take advantage of this chance, as it will undoubtedly
change the way you begin your day.

Heated floors

When you go into the bathroom to take a shower in the midst of winter, the last thing you want is for the general chilly environment to be
exacerbated by freezing cold flooring. Though it may not have occurred to you, installing heated flooring in your bathroom is an important
step in achieving your ideal bathroom design. With this high-end feature, you can go into your bathroom suite knowing that, no matter
what the outside temperature is, you will always be comfortable.

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