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You may be thinking that your garden room is now off limits due to the change in weather. Reconsider your position! All contemporary
garden rooms are completely insulated, with double-glazed windows, draft-proof materials, and heaters, so all you have to do now is
update your décor to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your garden room across all four seasons.

Warm Ambient Lighting

You can depend on natural light a lot more in the summer than you do in the winter. You may have bright overhead lights, but they may
be taxing on your eyes over time, and if you’re using your garden room for relaxing, watching movies, or other activities, you’ll want
something warm and fuzzy. Try adding some tall lights to the room’s corners, as well as some table lamps and, if feasible, a dimmer
switch. Instead of a blinding brightness, this will give your space a pleasant light.

Opt for a wood-burning stove.

It is quite possible to add additions to your garden room in the same way that you would to your house, and a woodburning stove is a
wonderful way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you don’t want to go all out with a real fire, there are electric ones available
that provide a comparable effect without the hassle of dealing with wood, paper, or firelighters. On a dark evening, imagine snuggling up
next to this with a nice book.

Get comfortable

Introduce a comfy armchair or small couch to make part of your garden room a space where you can cuddle, read, sip your cocoa, and
simply rest. Consider adding cushions of various sizes, throws, a rug, and a small table to accommodate a light. This will be a welcoming
environment in which you may relax and unwind.

Be snug, add a rug

It may seem a bit stark when the winter sets in, whether you have laminate or natural wood flooring. A beautiful thick pile rug may be the
perfect solution.

Nothing beats strolling barefoot over a thickly piled rug and feeling the softness and warmth under your toes. Replace your summer’s
thinner one with a big rug or a layer of many to create a striking focal point. It will not only make your garden room more comfortable, but
it will also look beautiful and add a touch of warmth to your space.

LED lights

You may have used fairy lights outdoors throughout the summer, but when autumn and winter approach, why not bring them inside to
create a pleasant ambiance in your garden room? They also provide a festive touch and may transform any space in an instant. LEDs
have the added benefit of consuming less power than older light types.

Add fragrance

Not only can your room appear warm and inviting, but it can also smell like it. It’s interesting how we connect different smells with certain
seasons or events throughout the year, and this is a smart technique to make a space seem much more ambient. Choose your favourite
scents or why not opt for some new ones with spices, flowers or plant extracts, and the best way to get them is with wax melts, which
gently melt away to provide a lovely fragrance. With a few candles for a pleasant light, you’ll have a garden room where you’ll want to
spend hours upon hours. Modern incense burners also offer an array of calming aromas to help you fully relax. Fresh flowers in a vase
can also help bring in fragrance as well as a pleasing aesthetic.

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