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Bathroom fitters job

While keeping disaster at far, getting clean and relaxing in the bathtub

We don’t know who makes these decisions, but safety is never something to take lightly. Given that many thousands of individuals are
sent to hospitals each year as a result of bathroom mishaps, it’s worth taking a look at bath safety every now and again.

It also makes sense to take bath safety seriously, since an accident in the bath or shower may have severe life-threatening implications
for young children and the elderly (if you are caring for someone in either group or both groups).

So, when was the last time you examined your restroom with a critical eye, searching for ways to make it safer? Here are some
suggestions for keeping bath time safe while both relaxing and cleaning.

Bath Safety in General

For many of us, it may go without saying, but cleanliness, or a lack thereof, may have a significant effect on how safe your shower or tub
is. Grime, soap and conditioner residue, residual bath oils, and any other material other than water that coats the bottom of your tub or
shower may make it slippery and hazardous. Even if you’re not old, keep your bath clean for safety’s sake and consider installing safety

Electricity is another significant cause of bathing accidents. One of the places in the house where many tiny electrical gadgets are utilised
is the bathroom. Curling irons, blow dryers, and electric toothbrushes are examples of this. These devices are often left plugged in and
close to the tub. Electrocution and a trip to the hospital or worse is the result of combining electricity with bathwater.

Seniors and children should take extra precautions in the bath.

Bath and shower safety is particularly essential for people at both ends of the life span, as well as those who are afflicted with a severe
disease or condition that makes it difficult for them to stand and balance on their own. As a result, the specialists at Providence Health
Services stress the need to make bath time safe for the elderly, infants, and the sick.

Children under the age of four should never be left alone in the bath, since it is much too simple for them to drown in a matter of seconds.
Installing safety bars and a non-slip surface may be sufficient to keep most elderly safe. Also, a waterproof bath or shower seat is always
a good idea.

In the Bath, Staying Safe

Bathing (or showering) should be a pleasant method to become clean and disconnect from the world. Bath time, on the other hand, may
be one of the most hazardous times of the day if your bath or shower isn’t clean and safe.

Drowning, electrocution, or fracturing a hip is dangerous at any age, but it’s particularly dangerous for the most vulnerable. So, in all
seriousness, have a look at your bath or shower and see if there are any ways to make it safer.

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