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garage conversion glasgow

When you clean up the mess and put everything else away in storage boxes and shelves, you may find you have a lot more room than
you thought.

So, if you’re not intending on using it to store your vehicle (and, let’s face it, who is? ), your garage might be converted into a gym area!

If you’ve ever attempted to avoid going to the local gym because “it’s raining” or because you want to escape rush hour traffic, having a
gym at home is ideal.

A few things to consider while converting your conventional garage into your very own home gym are outlined below:

Obviously, the kind of exercise you perform and the level of fitness you want to achieve will determine the type of equipment you need.
The size of your garage will also play a big role; if you have a two-car garage, you have plenty of room to build an excellent home gym for
you and up to four others to exercise at the same time. It’s fantastic for motivation!

You’ll need to think about the following things to make a practical gym area in your garage:

1. Gym equipment.

How many pieces of equipment can you fit in, and which ones make the most sense from a functional standpoint?

What are you going to use?

What will be their location?

Is it necessary to fasten it to the wall and/or the floor?

Will certain things, such as a freezer, mowers, or ladders, still need to be stored in the garage?

All of these factors should be taken into account when purchasing gym equipment. You should get an expert to build your gym so that
you have adequate space to move about. Because the equipment will be the final item to go inside the room, don’t have it brought to your
garage until you’ve made the appropriate space and preparations.

2. Locations of sockets

Do you need to install additional outlets to handle your TV, sound system, treadmills, cross trainers, and other power-hungry items?

Would some free-standing lights in the garage gym be beneficial?

After you’ve settled on your plan/layout, start with the electrical work so you know where the outlets should go.

3. Use paint.

Utilize white or a warm coloured paint to lighten up the area, and use images or wall murals to create a motivating atmosphere, since
garages are often gloomy and chilly locations.

4. Select the appropriate flooring. You may choose from a variety of floor coverings. Installing a recycled rubber floor, similar to what
fitness clubs do, is one of the more successful (and environmentally friendly) ways.

Rubber flooring is attractive as well as insulating, sound absorbent, and simple to maintain. Furthermore, it is appropriate for parking your
vehicle on, so if you ever decide to sell your home and need to convert your garage gym back to a regular garage, this floor would suffice.
Alternatively, you may remove the flooring and transport it.

5. Mirrors should be hung.

You may assume that a garage gym with no windows is gloomy, but mirrors will make the space seem bigger by compensating for the
absence of windows. It will also reflect light if you want to exercise with the garage door open, and it will assist you in completing
exercises with proper form and technique.

6. Think about your entertainment requirements.

What size will the TV be and where will it be placed? Consider investing in a smart TV so that you can utilise online training applications to
help you stay on track.

What sort of music system are you capable of putting together? You may be able to reduce space by using an iPod docking station or a

Heating and ventilation are also important. Garages may be very chilly, particularly during the winter months, deterring you from
exercising. Keep in mind that you want your home gym to be as appealing and inspiring as possible. As a result, make sure you have
heating installed, even wall-mounted electric heaters will suffice, and that you have enough ventilation during the warmer months.

8. Arrange your equipment.

The last step is to get your workout equipment delivered, assemble it if required, and arrange everything in your area according to your
plan. You probably won’t need a workout today by the time you’re done with that, so sit back and enjoy your new garage gym.

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