It is a long established fact that a reader of a page when looking at its layout.


Typically, home remodelling businesses provide a wide range of services. Luke Lloyd Builders are experts in Glasgow loft conversions
and the options available. Yes, when it came to design and construction, period architecture followed a basic pattern. Yes, it is often the
case that rows of houses seem to be identical from the outside. While tools were used to construct these homes, the equipment was
handled by men and women. These aren’t mass-produced houses, but rather homes carved using a laser to a fine-tuned millimetre point.
They were constructed by humans, and each home will be somewhat different owing to human perception. Furthermore, many designs
were constructed throughout this time period. The design of the homes developed along with the architecture and needs. Another
consideration is the property’s location-are you in a conservation area? Or maybe in a historically significant structure? When it comes to
your current house, there are a plethora of factors at play, all of which influence the choices you have when it comes to a home
renovation, refurbishment, or expansion.

When it comes to planning a loft conversion, the current layout of your home is crucial. When you do a loft conversion, you’ll need to
include a staircase in your plans so that you can get to the new level of your house. A staircase is a big, heavy, and oddly formed
structure. To comply with construction regulations, they must be a particular size, level, and pitch. When it comes to stair access, building
regulation is rigorous and unyielding, since it is regarded as a method of escape in the event of a fire. As a result, there isn’t much room
for compromise in terms of design. They’ll require the room they’ll need, and everything else will have to adjust to accommodate them.

We thought we’d go through a few of the staircase choices accessible to you when it comes to gaining access to a loft conversion.

Flight of stairs over the existing staircase

In most instances, the loft staircase will fit perfectly over the old one. In certain instances, you may need to make a little cut into the
master bedroom/main room to make sufficient room for the turn upstairs.

Stairwell housed in a side dormer

Typically in semis and end terraces a full width dormer expansion is often not feasible due to the extra tilt in the roof, since the space
needed to construct the dormer does not exist. In such instances, a hip to gable roof extension may be done to align the roofline ridge
with the flank wall. If you choose a complete dormer addition, the staircase will go well with the overall design.

Spiral staircase

If you have limited room, a spiral staircase is a good choice. These are less frequent, but if space is a problem, they are a feasible
alternative to explore. They save space by overlapping the stairwell in a spiral form. As a consequence, as compared to a traditional
staircase, they have a much smaller footprint and can make for a pleasing architectural feature.

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