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remodelled kitchen

Many people consider their kitchen to be the centre of their house, where they congregate with family and friends for meals, beverages,
and catch-ups. Many people would expect this area to be not just clean and neat, but also up to date in terms of design and attractively
set out. Because we spend so much time in this area and have such high expectations of it, it’s not unusual for us to want to renovate our
kitchens to make them ideal.

This is likely the area that will need the most preparation when organising a renovation, and there is a lot to consider during the early
phases of planning. If you’re going to invest time and money in this project, you’ll want to be sure the final result is precisely what you
envisioned. Luke Lloyd Builders has compiled a list of questions to ask yourself throughout the design process to ensure that the final
result fulfils all of your requirements.

What motivates you to renovate your kitchen?

Taking the time to answer this question first will help you identify the major problems with your existing kitchen and what you want to
concentrate on throughout your renovation. For example, you may want to renovate your kitchen because it is too old and outdated, or
you want a more practical kitchen with more storage. This will provide you with a clear beginning point for the renovation as well as a
short overview of the final result.

What is your financial plan?

Even if your budget is very flexible, this is another issue that should be addressed early in the planning process. It’s not unusual for
remodels to spiral out of control and leave you stranded midway through your kitchen installation if you don’t keep track of the costs. A
preliminary budget provides some parameters, and you may always make exceptions as needed.

Are there any particular criteria you have in mind?

Consider if there are any must-haves for the renovation as you consider the reasons why you want to renovate. If you don’t have a dining
room, for example, a breakfast bar or an island where you can dine may be necessary. Consider your appliances and if they need to be in
particular locations or integrated into specific regions. If there are certain elements of the renovation that you are unwilling to compromise
on, make sure that both designers and kitchen installers are aware of this from the start.

How much room do you require?

Of course, this issue pertains to actual floor space and whether or not you want to expand the kitchen at all, but it also pertains to
worktops and storage space. All of these elements are critical, and defining them will aid in the design process. Overall, whatever the
objective, the final result should make your kitchen more functional than before, and space is a critical component of this.

What do you want the room to look like and how do you want it to feel?

Finally, consider the mood you want to create in your kitchen: do you want a contemporary, monochromatic look or something more
traditional and inviting? Not only will your colour scheme be influenced by this overall style and feel, but so will your flooring, countertop
materials, arrangement, and any accessories. Make sure your vision is clear and that any builders or designers working on your
renovation understand precisely what you want.

Getting ready for your kitchen renovation

This procedure will undoubtedly be difficult, which is why you should ask yourself these questions to determine whether you are
financially and psychologically prepared. Knowing the answers will also put you in a good position when it comes to beginning the
remodelling process and ensuring that the final product is precisely what you envisioned.

It’s difficult to do a renovation alone, so working with a professional team every step of the way will be invaluable. Luke Lloyd Builders is
here to help if you’re looking for an expert team to aid you with both your kitchen design and installation. Their knowledgeable staff will
work with you to make your ideal kitchen a reality.

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