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Because we spend so much time in the kitchen as women, we’ve compiled a list of creative kitchen ideas to help you transform that drab,
uninspiring space into something fun, inspirational, and creative, because, let’s face it, work is easier when we add some colour and

1. Don’t be scared to experiment with colours in your kitchen.

Colors can transform a kitchen, so don’t be scared to utilise them. Choose your favourites and place them in the house’s busiest room.

2. Wall coverings

Wallpapers aren’t always seen in the kitchen, but they’re not as sensitive as you would assume. They are ideal for tiny kitchens since the
d├ęcor gives the impression that the space is larger than it really is.

3. Magnetized surfaces

We all have magnets and artwork from our kids on our steel refrigerators, but sometimes there isn’t enough room. Why not add a
magnetic wall to the mix?

The sleek metal offers your kitchen a contemporary appearance, and your young people will have plenty of room to express themselves.

4. Install a skylight

Greater light creates the illusion of more space, and skylights are a great way to get more natural light into your kitchen.

5. Blackboards in the kitchen

A blackboard, like the magnet wall, is imaginative, entertaining, and functional. Do you need a place to jot down a shopping list or a
recipe? You may keep it in your kitchen at any moment and take it out without causing any harm.

6. Paint the backs of open shelves a bright colour.

Anyone can open the shelves, which is arguably the easiest thing to accomplish in the kitchen. All you have to do now is remove the
doors from your top cabinets and paint the backs in a bright colour. Your kitchen will have a more open feel and a whole new style.

7. Kitchen-breakfast bar open to the living room.

The cooking area is separated from the dining area by a breakfast bar, and the stools offer a convenient location for a quick meal. When
you have guests over and don’t want to rush up and down, having an open bar kitchen is also a bonus for entertaining and serving.
Simply place some wine, cheese, and biscuits on the bar and have a pleasant conversation with your guests.

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