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It may be difficult to stay cool in the changeable British weather. How can we assure that we are constantly prepared to deal with this heat
at any moment as we move from chilly to a heat wave, to rain, and back to a heat wave?

Here are seven garden-friendly ways to stay cool… It doesn’t matter what time of year it is!

More Planting, Less Hard Landscaping

We are unwittingly warming this area when we remove the vegetation from our gardens and replace it with pavement slabs, tiles,
concrete, stones, and so on. These materials absorb heat, and as they heat up, so does the surrounding environment. With a little effort,
you may naturally chill your yard by adding additional flowers, trees, or plants.

Trees that are good for the garden

Not only will trees assist in cooling the air, but they will also give ample shade during the day. Even a single tree in a corner may have a
significant impact on the appearance and feel of your landscape.

Construct a Pergola

Building a pergola over the top of your seating area not only adds beauty to your garden, but it also serves as a fantastic method to keep
everyone cool. Planting creepers that will trail across the top of the structure will add character to the design while also naturally cooling
the air and providing shade.

in your garden, keep cool

Set up a Gazebo

In many gardens, gazebos are a popular choice. They are available in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood, and can
be installed in your sunniest locations to keep everyone comfortable and protected from UV radiation.The advantage of having a movable
gazebo is that you can set it up in the winter, take it down in the summer, and move it around the garden as needed.

Room with a View of the Garden

A garden room is an excellent way to keep cool in your garden because you can install air conditioning inside, sit inside, and keep your
body at a more comfortable temperature while still enjoying the scenery.

Featured Water

The presence of water in your garden will immediately assist in cooling the air around it. Whether you choose a huge pond or a tiny water
feature, both will provide benefits such as cooling, relaxation, and a safe haven for insects and wildlife.


If you have the room, a swimming pool or even a paddling pool can quickly cool down everyone on your lawn while also giving you hours
of entertainment. If you want extra shade for your pool, try putting one in your garden room, which we will discuss in this post.

You will be able to enjoy your garden in the summer heat and throughout the year by following just a few of these simple measures.

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