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A new conservatory is one of the most simple and cost-effective methods to expand your living space. Traditional, Edwardian, and
Victorian styles are offered in full-height or dwarf-height designs with various styles & colours available for the modernists among you.

Conservatories can be traditional or sleek, ultra-modern affairs. Bold accessories and a dramatic centrepiece placed against a white
background will provide a splash of colour.

Many people use their conservatory as a dining and lounging area, and wicker chairs and other indoor garden furniture are ideal for this.

Many spring and fall nights may be spent in a traditional conservatory room, which can be used in a variety of ways depending on your
requirements and desires.

Adding a conservatory to your home is considered “permitted development”, therefore no planning permission approval is required. Until
recently, the maximum size of a conservatory was four metres from the end of a detached house and three metres from the end of all
other homes. This has been altered, with the detached dwelling restriction increased to eight and six metres respectively.

For a professionally-built conservatory in Glasgow or Greater Glasgow contact Luke Lloyd Builders if you want a new conservatory fitted this year.