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For most homeowners, a walk-in shower in any bathroom is a dream come true. Not only do they always look amazing, but they’re also
more practical than conventional showers, with fewer surfaces to clean and more readily accessible. Whether you want to channel
design-forward ideas throughout your home, want a hotel-style luxury wet room experience, want to make the most of your space, small
or large, or simply need less physical hurdles for an elderly or disabled member of your household when it comes to shower time.

Having said that, there are so many different styles, sizes, shapes, colours, layouts, and even drainage choices out there that many of us
won’t know where to start. So, to assist you in sorting through your options and giving you the finest walk in shower ideas to inspire your
bathroom remodel, we’d like to give a hand.

Floor tiles that make a statement

Using patterned tiles may be viewed as a thing of the past, but doing so creates a focal area filled with historical details and an air of olde-
worlde style. There’s no need to source antique tiles as many ceramic companies make modern replicas of older styles.

Go all white

White usually dominates the colour palette of a normal bathroom, from tiles to baths, toilets to basins, and even wall paint. However, just
because you’re designing a modern bathroom doesn’t mean you have to use bright colours.

A modern bathroom utilises a palette of white and extremely light grey to complement silver hardware, and it does it with ease. Using an
intriguing tile pattern may truly give a design aspect to a bathroom that is otherwise plain.

To complement your standalone bath, add a walk-in shower.

When you construct your walk-in shower into the corner of your bathroom, you’re re-creating the same angle, which is ideal for decorating
or adding other bathroom items, such as a stand-alone bath tub.

The transparency of glass also helps the area seem bigger and more open than a conventional shower cubicle, while simultaneously
providing better drainage than a complete wet room.

Make a walk-in wet room by combining it with a bath.

When it comes to planning your drain placement, keeping all of the water in one location (aside from those beautiful basin taps) may
really assist to ensure that no standing water is left lying about.

The glass screen provides an open wet room-style space that looks fantastic while also shielding adjacent surfaces from water spills.

For a walk-in shower, a vertical showerhead is ideal.

There is no better shower head style if you want a rainfall style shower. When you wake up in the morning, all you see is a tidy shower
lavishing you with water droplets, with nothing more to add to the confusion.

Although the cost of installing a ceiling-mounted shower head is somewhat more than installing a conventional wall-mounted shower
head, the beauty and joyful experience provided by the ceiling-mounted shower head are well worth it.

Utilize natural light wherever possible.

When it comes to self-care and personal grooming, there is no substitute for natural light. Imagine allowing maximum natural light to wake
you up as you shower in the morning. Natural light is also useful for shaving, washing, and clearing away filth that has been concealed.

It’s a no-brainer, particularly if you’re dealing with a roof/ceiling issue. It will have a significant impact on your morning routine.

Install recessed shower shelves

Finding a method to store your bottles and cosmetics in easy reach without destroying the lovely aesthetic you’ve created may be a
problem, as much as we love a sleek, minimal walk-in shower.

Combine multiple tiles.

Bathrooms are the greatest places for having a lot of fun with your design, and we believe the more tiles the better, with up to three
different kinds, the better. After all, who can blame you for wanting to buy more than one when there are so many beautiful patterns to
select from? Don’t be scared to give it a go in your own bathroom.

A two-person shower with his and her heads

The ideal solution for couples (or friends) who constantly have one person hogging the hot water.

Fortunately, you don’t need a large bathroom to accommodate this kind of walk-in double shower, as they can usually fit into one end of a
medium-sized room and complement a standalone bath tub well. There will be no more hot water hogs for you!

Consider terrazzo as a design element.

Terrazzo is such a flexible style, but we never imagined it could be so beautiful in a bathroom. Using large-scale terrazzo tiles to accent
your walk-in shower wall is a wonderful way to add interesting shapes, patterns, and colours to your bathroom while keeping it jazzy.

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