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house extension

Because so many individuals have L-shaped houses, side expansions are being considered as a means to round out their layouts. This
type of addition is a fantastic way to add much-needed room and utility to your house. Consider a side extension if you have a semi-
detached, detached house or a terraced property with a small side yard. This will increase the footprint of your home and link your living
areas with the garden.

Make a clear difference between the old and the new in the first side expansion concept.

Creating a strong visual difference between the old and the new is one way to feel like you’re in a whole new room while still retaining
some of your home’s charm.

Make it entirely out of glass.

Making an addition of all glass is an obvious way to bring light into your home. Although this approach may cause possible overlooked
problems, the interior rooms seem to be modern and light-filled. If privacy is a concern, consider window treatments first. Switchable
smart glass is another option.

Install a skylight on the side expansion.

Consider skylights while constructing or modifying a structure with a roof. Building a side extension is a wonderful method of increasing
the size of your home while also allowing more natural light in. Adding skylights to your addition will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of
the rest of the home, and you’ll be able to see how light energises each room from dawn to night.

Make a two-storey extension.

Consider constructing a two-story side addition to maximise the space created to bring additional rooms to two levels of your home.

Extend the side addition beyond the current home.

Your mind may automatically go to a side addition to meet the back of the house, but if your yard has the space, go beyond this line. You
may always try expanding beyond the current house’s back fa├žade to maximise the acquired area. This method also provides a new cosy
nook that may be opened up in your garden, which is a bonus. Consider a table and chairs, as well as the ability to see the kids while
you’re out and about. A panoramic vista. It’s fantastic.

Small extensions can be beautiful.

Do not discount side extensions because of limited available space, a small extension but one that meets your needs can be surprisingly

Consider a side conservatory extension.

Conservatories are an excellent way to bring light into a home and can be built anywhere on the property. They provide beautiful green
areas that are ideal for adding to your living space. If you’re building or upgrading a lean-to or conservatory like this, be sure to think about
insulation and heat regulation.

If you’re not sure whether you should build an extension or a conservatory, we’ve put together a guide to help you decide.

Keep the existing facade.

One approach to keeping costs down while still getting a distinctive new room is to keep the work on your current home to a minimum and
concentrate on adding an addition to it. The additional area may be used as a fantastic workplace, a unique eating space, or even simply
storage, as seen in this example.

Use a contrasting aesthetic

On the other hand, the side extension is plainly visible here, with a significant colour contrast. You may be bold and modern with your
design if you use a dramatic contrast. If you’re looking for modest home expansion ideas, this method is very effective.

Match the existing aesthetic

If you live in a conservation area or have a listed building, you won’t be able to go for the bold/minimal/contrasting look since the facade of
your house will be protected. You may develop a design that blends in with your surroundings while still being useful for you by using
matching brickwork details. Appointing a local architect will provide you with a lot of information about what your local council will
(probably) accept. Architects can assist you in obtaining permission. Find out how much an architect costs and whether or not you need
one for an expansion.

Incorporate storage into your side extension.

Minimizing the danger of clutter is a crucial strategy to make your home seem more spacious. Adding as much storage as possible (both
closed and open) can help you improve the flow of your house and create a great focus point.

Create a new cosy nook on the side.

Although having more room within your home is usually great, little snug nooks may sometimes be the key to making your home seem
completely comfy. To get the most out of your side extension, be sure to include tiny comfortable sitting areas.

Use the side extension to make the most of your connection to your garden.
Extra interior space isn’t the only way to improve a home’s flow. Creating the ability to completely open a space into a garden without
having to construct anything may make a room seem twice as large. Even in the dead of winter, the extra light will liven up the space.If
you’re planning a kitchen in your side addition, you’ll never regret having views of the garden.

Leave some outside space within your house as a side expansion concept.

Because you’re eliminating windows, adding a side expansion may sometimes decrease the amount of light in the space. Allowing some
outside space in the centre of your home to bring in some much-needed light is one method to avoid creating a gloomy box! Maintaining
the glass planter will require consideration of accessibility!

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