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Have you discovered that you’ll be working from home in the near future? Or do you own your own company and need a more permanent
workspace than your living room? Your conservatory may be the solution if you need extra office space for any reason.

There are many advantages to using a conservatory as a home office. Not only are these areas quieter than other sections of the home
due to less foot traffic, but you also have the additional advantage of being able to go right into your garden during your coffee break and
enjoy those soothing, serene outside views all day.

Interested? Continue reading to learn how to transform your conservatory into a functional and attractive home office.

Get the fundamentals in order.

First and foremost, ensure that your conservatory is properly equipped for your requirements. The two most essential elements will most
likely be power outlets and WiFi, depending on the kind of job you perform. Start by counting how many accessible plugs you have and
where they are, then multiply that by the number of sockets you’ll need to power your computer, including laptop chargers and displays,
as well as any other electrical devices you use. After that, you may start thinking about where you’ll need to put your furniture to get to

It’s also a good idea to test your WiFi coverage early on to ensure that it’s enough for your requirements. Having trouble staying
connected? Consider purchasing a WiFi extender to guarantee that you can connect to the internet ” and remain connected!

You’ll also want to think about how you’ll keep your equipment secure after you’ve sorted out your electricity and WiFi connections.
Assess your area and take any required security measures, such as installing strong locks and storing your things to discourage would-be

Use natural light to your advantage.

One of the reasons you fell in love with your conservatory in the first place is undoubtedly because of the amount of natural light it
receives, and those tranquil garden views are the ideal way to relax after a long day at work. When it comes to a home office setup,
though, you’ll probably want to minimise screen glare and keep your area from warming ” especially on hot days.

What is the solution? A solar control glass roof will assist in adjusting the temperature of your conservatory throughout the year by
reducing the amount of light that comes through. It’s also a simple method to keep the sun’s glare from permanently harming or
discolouring your equipment and furnishings. What’s the greatest part? It won’t obstruct your view of the garden. Consider installing
spotlights or desk lamps to provide additional illumination in certain parts of your conservatory as needed, especially during the nights or
during the winter months.

Select the appropriate furniture.

The proper workstation and chair are the foundation of a great home office. If you’ll be working out of your conservatory for an extended
length of time, it’s even more essential to invest in high-quality furniture that will prevent you from back and posture issues caused by
sitting for long periods of time, for example. A large desk with drawers to store your things can help you keep your workplace area looking
clean and organised. Shorter bookshelves, as opposed to higher ones, are less likely to obstruct your beautiful vistas and natural light.
They may also be used as extra surface area for your equipment, such as a second screen.

A well-placed armchair in a location that catches the last of the day’s rays is also a wonderful addition to your conservatory office and will
give you a place to unwind after a hard day at your desk.

Don’t overlook the finer points.

Just because your conservatory has become your workplace doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add all the finishing touches that make it seem
like a place you want to spend your time in. Plants, decorations, pillows, and blankets will all serve as reminders of why you love your
conservatory ” which you may need after working in it! Don’t be afraid to try upcycling or DIY craft projects to make one-of-a-kind
decorations and items that fit your home and d├ęcor style.

Finally, don’t forget about all the practical office necessities, such as enough pens and coasters to preserve your furnishings, as well as a
footrest and lumbar support to keep you comfy.

Maintain a multipurpose mentality.

You may be working from home full-time right now, but who knows what may happen in the next weeks or months? It’s a good idea to
maintain your conservatory as multi-purpose as possible if you want to future-proof it and use it outside of your 9-5. This is especially
essential if you have limited room in your house.

The good news is that you don’t have to give up your ideal workplace setup in order to keep your conservatory choices open. If you use
clever storage, you’ll be able to clear out a lot of your equipment at the end of the week, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory as the
peaceful, quiet refuge it is on weekends. Another alternative is to use a dining table as a workstation, giving you plenty of room to work
with while also allowing you to easily change things up for dinner in the evening without taking up more space.

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