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If you don’t have enough space to dine at home, turning your conservatory into a dining room is a great place to start. The advantage of
having your dining room in your conservatory is that it provides a large open area in which to store your furnishings. Because the walls
are mostly glass, natural light pours in, providing a relaxing atmosphere in which to enjoy a meal while gazing out the window at your

You may also build a custom made-to-measure addition that suits your dining needs by buying a conservatory from us. It’s entirely up to
you whether you want a place to host dinner parties or simply a modest conservatory dining room; any of our conservatory designs may
thus accommodate a dining table and seats.

Creating a dining room in your conservatory

When it comes to choosing your conservatory interiors, the design of this closely resembles the concepts we discuss in our conservatory
interior guide.

However, there are many architectural choices unique to your dining area that will make your conservatory the ideal location to entertain

Elegant style:

You may use a glass top dining table to assist reflect the light in the space and enhance the bright, airy atmosphere. Glass goes with any
colour scheme and may be complimented by any chair material. You may wish to choose textured velvet seats, as shown below, to give
that additional touch of luxury.

Dining in the modern era:

The minimalist approach to décor is fundamental to contemporary style. As a result, when it comes to decorating your dining area, a basic
design table in a block colour such as white or grey is recommended. In contrast, brighter-colored cloth seats are used. Thin wooden legs
or complete plastic chairs, such as the ones seen below, are popular choices.

Traditional style:

Instead, get a hardwood table and wicker or rattan seats for a more classic conservatory style. As your conservatory extends into your
garden, the wood complements the ‘outdoors in’ vibe it provides. Wicker is also more resistant to the sun and less prone to fading, making
it a more practical design option.

Conservatory with a smaller footprint:

If you have a tiny conservatory dining room due to the size of your extension, you may want to choose a more space-saving arrangement.
If you want to keep your table as the main point, consider bench seating, which can be slid beneath it and so takes up no more space in
the room. You may also go for a fold-away table and chair set if you don’t want your conservatory to be used as a permanent eating area.

Dining Room Sets for the Conservatory

On the market, there is a broad range of conservatory dining equipment in various forms and sizes to suit the size of your extension.

As previously said, glass is a popular design to select since it matches the glass outside of your conservatory and helps to reflect light in
the interior.

You may wish to think about getting an extended conservatory dining table. This way, you’re not wasting precious space when it’s not
needed; instead, you can easily expand the table as needed.

We do, however, advise you to stay away from hefty and sturdy dining tables. Bulky furniture not only takes up a lot of room, but it may
also make your conservatory seem smaller than it is, particularly if you have a lot of other things in there.

Dining Sets for the Conservatory

It’s usually a good idea to think about the different designs available when buying a conservatory dining set.

If you plan on changing the function of your conservatory in the future, a fold away table and chair set may be a good option. In this
manner, if you decide to add more seats to your conservatory at a later point, you can simply fold this away and relocate it to the side.

Folding furniture is an excellent method to maximise the amount of space in your conservatory.

Light-colored conservatory dining tables are a popular option since they add to the room’s brightness. This also enables you to add a
splash of colour to your extension by selecting patterned or colourful seats.

It may be worthwhile purchasing additional seats for your conservatory dining table if you have a storage room (i.e. garage or attic). This
means you’ll always have extra seating available when you need it, but it won’t take up room in your conservatory when you don’t.

Creating a Dining Room from a Small Conservatory

If you have a tiny conservatory, you have two options: either make your dining set the focal point of the room, or conserve space by
choosing a smaller dining table if you wish to add other furniture, such as an armchair.

As a result, you may wish to choose a small circular dining table to place in the centre of your conservatory.
You may, on the other hand, buy a smaller dining table and place it against one of your conservatory walls to conserve room, or you could
get a fold away table that can be used as and when needed.

Folding and multi-functional furnishings are ideal for smaller conservatories, particularly if you want to spend time there eating and resting.

As previously said, using your conservatory as a dining room is a great way to make the most of your space, particularly if one already
exists in your house. All you have to do now is think about how to make the most of the space you have, choosing furniture that
complements and maximises the available area.

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