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luke Lloyd garage conversion

Who doesn’t want their own personal space? What better location to turn into a man (or woman) cave than your garage?

Convert your garage into a hideaway or a location where you can get some peace and quiet. A room that will allow you to relax and

Here’s a brief guide to the stages of converting a garage into a usable man cave for regular all year round use.


After cleaning out the garage area that will become your man cave, the first step is to lay the sub floor.

Framing the walls

The next step is to ensure that the walls are properly framed so that insulation can be added. This will aid in the management of hot and
cold weather.

In addition, depending on what you’ll be having in the “cave,” it will assist in soundproofing it. Adding inside walls can assist if you have
music or a loud stereo. аа

Insulate walls & ceiling.

Insulation is essential for keeping your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulation will assist soundproofing the space in
addition to keeping it at a comfortable temperature.

Guys like loud music, drum setups, and stereo surround sound while viewing movies. You will not have any complaints from your
neighbours if you insulate your home. аа

Connect electricity (if required)

Obviously, if your garage’s electrical system isn’t up to Scottish building standards, you’ll want to make sure to rewire appropriately & that
you have enough power to have outlets on every wall. You’ll also want to make sure you run enough to have adequate illumination for
whatever you’ll be doing with it. Make sure you have adequate outlets so you don’t end up regretting it.

It’s preferable to have too many than not enough, particularly when you’re starting from nothing. It’s simple to add it today, but it’ll be a
headache to do afterwards. аа


So now that you have the floor, the walls, the insulation, and the electricity, it’s time to start turning this into the man cave of your dreams.
It’s time to add plasterboard to the walls and ceiling. Plasterboard is sold in various sizes, so measure the space and order what you’ll
need. Remember to take a measurement of the ceiling.

Having someone to assist you is excellent, since it’s tough to support the board in place and screw it to the ceiling/wall joists on your own.

Painting & decorating

To begin, you’ll need primer, namely white primer. You may prime and paint the walls after the plasterboard has been fitted. I’m sure
you’ve decided on the man cave wall colour by now. Priming the walls allows you to use fewer coats of paint. The paint tends to cling to
the board and soak it up. It will save you time and money if you apply priming first.

After the priming has dried fully, paint the walls. Because they are new walls, you’ll probably need two coats of paint to completely cover
them. You may be able to get away with two coats of paint and no priming if you buy paint that already has primer in it.

The space is now ready for you to add the features & furniture that you need to personalise your man (or woman) cave.

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