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Do you need extra room for your expanding family? A separate playroom is a great way to keep your kids happy by giving them their own
space while also ensuring that their favourite toys don’t take over your dining room or living room (or the whole home!).

What’s the greatest part? You don’t have to break the bank to acquire the additional space you need; a conservatory can be constructed
much more quickly than an extension and serves as a wonderful all-season playroom.

Read on to learn about all you need to know about conservatory playroom ideas, from practical considerations to design inspiration.

When turning your conservatory into a playroom, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Whether you currently have a conservatory that you want to convert to a playroom or you want to build a new one to make the most of
your outdoor area, here are some things to bear in mind:

Flooring that is long-lasting

It’s essential to have flooring that can withstand young ones running about on it all day. Cork is a fantastic choice when it comes to
selecting the appropriate material since it is robust, soft, and has excellent thermal characteristics. Porcelain tiles may also be used as an
option; just make sure they’re non-slip.

If you like carpet, consider the colour options carefully. While not very interesting, beige is much better at concealing stains than, say,
white. If you’re concerned about your conservatory playroom being too chilly in the winter, a carpet may be a better option than hard

Avoid marble since it is readily marked or damaged, which isn’t suitable for a place that will be subjected to spills and messes. Whatever
flooring you select, an inexpensive, protected rug, which you can replace if necessary, may help prolong its life.

Toy storage for kids

Toys should be stored in baskets or crates when not in use to keep your playroom clutter-free. They’re fast and simple to clean up, and
they’re very flexible. Furthermore, storing toys, books, and games out of sight protects them from fading and discoloration caused by

Child safety is paramount.

It’s critical to ensure that your conservatory playroom is safe for your children. Keep leads and stray cables neat and out of reach to avoid
tripping risks. Bookcases and shelves should be secured to the walls so they don’t fall or get dragged over.

Finally, keep an eye out for sharp corners and edges on tables and chairs; using corner protectors may help prevent accidents and

Surfaces that are simple to clean

We all know that spills and messes are inevitable when it comes to kids. With this in mind, select your conservatory playroom’s surfaces
carefully. While plastic and leather are generally simple to clean, absorbent or porous textiles and materials may need a bit more effort.
They’re also more prone to staining.

Theme and decorating ideas for a conservatory playroom

Are you looking for some conservatory playroom design ideas? To get you started, here are some themes and d├ęcor ideas:

Neutrals in the modern era

Conservatory playrooms look wonderful with simple furniture and storage solutions in beige, grey, and brown. Plus, the earthy tones hide
scuffs and stains well!

Colors that pop

Block colours or patterns in bright tones will provide a pop of colour to your child’s playroom. It will immediately and simply brighten up the
room, and your children will adore it.

The vastness of nature

Indoor plants, hardwood furniture, and wicker baskets are all excellent ways to enhance your conservatory’s garden views while also
bringing some of the outside in.

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