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Bathrooms are one of the finest rooms to update for a high return on investment, so it’s essential to do so ” but it doesn’t have to be

Contrary to common perception, upgrading your house does not need a whole overhaul. Changing your viewpoint and breathing fresh life
into your home may sometimes be as simple as changing a few items. Bathrooms are one of the most essential rooms in our houses, not
just in terms of return on investment, but also for comfort. There are many budget-friendly methods to upgrade your home, whether you
want a spa-like atmosphere or a place that represents your unique style.


It’s one of the most cost-effective but effective ways to remodel any area, even restrooms. If your space is limited, keep the walls light and
bright while adding a colourful colour or focus point to the ceiling. It will assist to pull the viewer’s gaze upward, making the space seem
bigger. The paint doesn’t end there. If you have an old vanity, freshen it up with a few coats of paint to make it seem new again.


Don’t simply repaint your vanity unit; replace the door and drawer handles as well. Spray painting the door and drawer handles, or
replacing them with a totally new style and/or colour, is a low-cost option. Don’t be afraid to replace your outdated towel bar, toilet paper
holder, and shower head while you’re at it.

What’s Hot Right Now

Want to kick things up a notch without blowing your budget? Wallpaper that you peel and stick is all the rage these days. Fashionable,
practical, and ideal if you’ve never hung wallpaper before. Furthermore, if you change your mind and decide to remove the peel and stick
wallpaper later, it will not damage your walls.

If you enjoy the appearance of this bathroom and want to get some ideas, consider using this peel-and-stick wallpaper, my favourite
shower curtain, and investing in a floor stencil.

Board & batten or shiplap may also be a wonderful way to freshen up your walls, and you’d be amazed at how simple and affordable
these wall treatments are. Take it a step further by placing these elements halfway up the wall, then painting or applying peel-and-stick
wallpaper to the top.

Paint your flooring to give it a new look. It’s not only cheap, but you can completely alter the appearance and colours of your flooring to
better suit your area. Painting tile, linoleum, and wood floors is a great way to refresh your space without having to replace them.

If this bathroom appeals to you, you may begin updating your area by utilising this peel-and-stick wallpaper, this shower curtain, replacing
your existing hardware with this brushed gold hardware, and stencilling your floor.


We’ve gone a long way with bath mats, towels, and shower curtains. There are a plethora of colours and designs to choose from to
complement any setting. Change them out periodically to keep your area looking new.

Don’t forget that just changing your mirror may have a huge impact. If you still want to give your bathroom a fresh look, altering the lighting
may be a good option.

Without totally demolishing your bathroom, you may simply freshen up the area where you freshen up on a budget. You may simply
create a fresh appearance by changing out your hardware, adding some paint, or trying your hand at peel and stick wallpaper. The best
thing is that you may save thousands of pounds while getting years of use out of your new bathroom.

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