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house extension

When it comes to creating more room in your house, nothing beats an extension. Additional bedrooms, ensuite baths, larger kitchens,
open-plan living areas, home theatres, and gyms are all common applications for the space they generate.

However, what you do with the extra space will be determined by your initial decision: the type of extension you construct. How do you
choose between the many varieties, each constructed around a different section of the home and differing in price and feasibility?

So, what are the options for projects?

Extension to the rear of the ground floor

A rear example on the ground level

One of the most frequent forms of expansions is ground floor rear extensions.They extend into the garden space at the back of the home.
They are frequently completed with glass doors to allow for more natural light and access to the garden.


Possibility is high (may fall within permitted development rights)

One of the most cost-effective extension kinds.

Can increase access to the garden Cons:

It takes up valuable garden area.

Typical applications include:

Extensions to the kitchen and dining room

Extensions to the living room

Open-concept living rooms

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