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house extension
To be clear, there is no assurance that any residential expansion project will be completed on schedule. The length of time ranges between 7 and 15 months, depending on the size and scope of your expansion (sometimes a lot longer). This is due to the fact that constructing an extension necessitates a variety of procedures and specialists, as well as a number of uncontrollable variables. Stormy weather and much stormier neighbours, for example. Having a rudimentary awareness of what may happen, on the other hand, never hurts. Here’s a general idea of what to anticipate… Preparation time: 2″4 weeks You’ll want to complete your homework and have your ducks in a row before you start. Calculate your entire budget and make a priority list. Are you in need of extra room? A more appealing design? Is it possible to have better access to the garden? Everything you’ve learned so far will come in handy in the future. After you’ve worked everything out, you may start approaching architects. Before you make a decision, browse around and obtain a few quotations. You’ll be doing this for a number of weeks, depending on how diligent you are with the early work. 2″5 weeks for design Now that you’ve chosen an architect, it’s time to start planning your project. Depending on whether or not you have current plans for your property, this might take a long time. Do you already have them? Great! You and your architect may begin drawing right now. If you don’t have access to current designs, you’ll have to commission a measured survey to get the dimensions you need. 8″10 weeks of planning Ahh, planning… this is where you’ll need to be patient. The least length of time you’ll have to wait for approval is 8-10 weeks, as stated above. It might take much longer if they require changes to your plans, for example. Keep an eye out for any Permission Conditions that may be attached to your acceptance. Your architect should be able to take care of issues for you, but keep in mind that you won’t be allowed to start building until they’ve been handled. Click here for more information if you’re looking to build a House extension in Glasgow