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We provide a variety of house extension options for homes in Perth and the surrounding areas. These innovative house extension plans will inspire you and guide you toward the best option for your property and your needs.

Luke Lloyd Builders can give you a better alternative – let us construct a house extension to enable your present (and future) property to satisfy your demands. Extending your current residence allows you to remain in the familiar and beloved neighbourhood while your property is extended to satisfy the rising demands of family, jobs, or leisure hobbies.

Our construction company possesses the necessary expertise and expertise to manage and construct your home extension to the highest possible standards and in accordance with all applicable Scottish building laws. Regardless of the type of property – terraced house, semi-detached, bungalow, villa, farmhouse, or townhouse – or the purpose of the extension – additional bedroom/s, home office, larger kitchen-dining area, or multiple rooms – we can advise you on the most cost-effective ways to extend your property.

We can connect you with a house extension architect (to assist you with design and planning issues), then plan, project-manage, and construct your extension in a professional, safe, and timely manner, supplying all necessary tradespeople and leaving you with fully finished and functional rooms when we hand them over.Our handiwork is backed by a one-year warranty for your total peace of mind.

Luke Lloyd Builders provides a complete solution for your home extension project. When you work with us, you save money and time by eliminating the need to employ several constructions and architectural firms for your home extension project. We can manage your house extension project from start to finish.

We also offer new kitchens, new bathrooms and garage conversion.

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Increase The Size And Value Of Your Home With A House Extension

While banks and lenders are once again attempting to get consumers to borrow, with people’s finances and employment still not as secure as they would like, many people are electing to extend their homes rather than migrate to accommodate their growing family.

There are various options for home extensions in Perth, but if you want to enhance both space and value, you must carefully consider all of your options before commencing work.

The options for house extensions are governed by two factors: accessible space and accessible cash to complete the project…

Terraced houses are popular for first-time buyers and retirees looking for a mortgage-free lifestyle, but they can be space-constrained. Rather of adding a bedroom, many terraced homes benefit from more living space. Extending the lounge and kitchen to create a much-need dining area might greatly boost the value of the house.

Loft conversions are ideal for bigger terraced houses because they might provide an additional bedroom that is desperately required. Additionally, advancements in plumbing technology now make it possible to build an en suite bathroom. However, as with all Perth home extensions, it is critical to complete the work properly to ensure compliance with building and fire regulations, as well as planning permission – failing to do so will result in the £25,000 or so you spent being a waste if the bedroom becomes a ‘hobby’ room in your home, selling particulars particulars.

Adding a level to the garage is a very inexpensive way to increase the size and worth of the space that many Perth homeowners are unaware of. You will need to consult a surveyor or engineer to ensure that the garage’s foundations are capable of supporting the additional load of another storey, but this is typically not a problem – builders indicate that even remedial work on foundations is less expensive than laying a completely new set for a new single layer.

Naturally, house extensions in Perth do not have to be grandiose or costly. Garages are typically underutilised parts of the home that are attached to or adjacent to it. If you’re looking for a versatile addition to your house, converting your garage into a living space rather than a glorified storage space may be a good investment.

With all the talk of ‘adding value’ and building a home that will sell, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we and our family may remain in the house for an extended period of time! Consider what you need in your Perth home and resist the notion that ‘adding an additional bathroom would increase the value by x amount. Consider this option if you require a fourth bedroom. If extra ground floor space is required, investigate the space you currently have and how it may be transformed, renovated, or expanded to meet your needs.

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In the Perth area, we are the most experienced loft conversion professionals. From gaining planning clearance through the final installation phase, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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Types of House Extensions in Perth

Luke Lloyd Builders are professionals in the construction of numerous sorts of extensions throughout Perth and Scotland. Before you begin your construction project, it’s a good idea to consider the sorts of extensions that would meet your area and/or your living requirements.

Here are just a few of the extension kinds available to you, including a side return extension, a wraparound extension, a single and a two-storey extension.

Single Storey Extension

This is a very popular design since it can be built to the rear or side of a house and extends into the existing garden/backyard area. It has a bigger kitchen, utility room, and a kitchen-dining area for entertainment that may expand onto a terrace or the garden via bi-fold doors.

Two-storey extension

This is when both the lower and upper floors are extended concurrently to create greater space on both levels, for example, a larger kitchen-dining area downstairs and larger (or more) bedrooms upstairs.

Side-return extension

Certain older houses have extensive side space (usually a yard or wide path). We can take this unused or underutilised area and incorporate it into the side of your home to generate the additional living space you want..

wraparound extension

Wraparound extension

Where houses have sufficient side and backspace, we may extend in both directions utilising a wrap-around extension, which wraps around two elevations of your home to produce the maximum amount of extra internal space.


How Much Does a House Extension Cost?

Costs of a Home Extension

In contrast to many other home extension builders, we provide an all-inclusive home extension package that includes the following:

Prices are fixed.
Conception and planning
Management of projects

The cost of a house extension is determined by what you want, the size of the extension, the materials you intend to use, and the type of property you own. After doing a complimentary, no-obligation site survey, we will provide you with a cost breakdown along with an estimate. If you choose to have us build your Perth house extension, you will sign a contract for a set charge depending on the contract parameters. If there are significant modifications to the specs, an additional cost may apply. To learn more about how we operate, go here.

Why should you select us?

A house extension may be an affordable option to increase the square footage of your home without having to relocate, and with our all-in-one, fixed-fee plan, there will be no unpleasant surprises. We work with pre-approved local contractors that fulfil our stringent standards. Each customer will have access to their own project management centre, which will enable them to keep track of progress. Luke Lloyd Builders which is a family business, has over a decade of expertise in exceeding clients’ expectations with high-quality extensions. Begin planning your own home extension immediately. Contact us to schedule a complimentary site Quote.

How much does it cost to create an Extension

A Perth House extension might cost up to £30,000. However, the cost of an extension is determined by the type of extension and a few other considerations. Today, Request a Free Quote.

Why are we Perth’s number one house extension builder?

Our portfolio includes some of the most stunning and well-built house extensions in Perth. We provide completely customised kitchen and house extension ideas that are both inexpensive and precisely fitted to your specifications! warranty period of ten years. 

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Most Popular Questions

Do I require a building warrant?

Yes. The majority of building work in Scotland needs the acquisition of a building warrant prior to construction beginning. To learn more about what a building warrant is, visit our section What is a building warrant? (above) for further information. rules.

Is the work on your extension guaranteed?

To assure your total satisfaction, we provide a one-year warranty on the craftsmanship of our expansions (from date of completion). Meant to provide you with total peace of mind.

How Long Does An Extension Take To Build?

Construction period should be around three to four months for a pretty basic three-metre single rear extension. It may be closer to six months for a bigger or double-height back extension. This does not include the design and planning phases of the project, which will vary depending on whether planning or other approvals are required. A reasonable timetable for the majority of house extensions (where planning approval and maybe a party wall agreement are required), from the moment you hire your architect to completion, would be about a year.

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    The Process

    Planning Permission

    One of the most often requested inquiries we receive from callers is, “Will my extension require planning approval?” There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that issue because it is dependent on the type of the extension, the space in which it is being constructed, the status/age of your house (i.e. is it a listed structure or is it inside its grounds?) and if it is located in a conservation area (you can usually check this online).

    Whether or not planning permission is required depends on the nature of your existing property, the type of extension you are considering (e.g., there are different rules for single-storey extensions versus multi-storey extensions, porches, and roof alterations), the visual impact, increase in footprint, height, and proximity to the property’s boundary.

    When considering an addition, you should always visit your local council’s planning department. While planning applications can be handled alone, in our experience, it is far easier to work with an architect who is aware of and knowledgeable about the prerequisites for submitting an application and the processes involved. Obtaining planning approval requires payment of a charge to the council, and decisions on domestic house extension applications can take up to two months.

    While certain extensions will come under the category of “permitted development,” which does not require official planning approval, homeowners should confirm this completely by contacting the relevant local authority’s planning department prior to beginning with the building of an addition. Councils may issue a fee-based “Certificate of Lawfulness” to certify that a planned extension qualifies as “permitted development.”

    What is a Building Warrant?

    Another often addressed topic concerns the purpose of building warrants. A building warrant is an authorization from the appropriate local council to commence construction work. This is a completely different document and application procedure than planning approval (which is primarily concerned with visual effect and relative size/footprint/height increase).

    The warrant is designed to guarantee that your construction work conforms with applicable Scottish building rules (the Building (Scotland) Act 2003) and is energy efficient, safe, healthy, sanitary, and accessible. The majority, if not all, extensions will require a building warrant, and no work will begin until one is secured.

    As with planning approval, there is a charge given to the council, and though you may manage this yourself, we would prefer that you leave it to building industry pros. This procedure may take up to four weeks to complete.

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