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Every day brings us closer to summertime, and all we can think about is having a good time with our family or friends.

What is the most bothersome aspect of hosting a party or any other gathering in your kitchen/dining area?

SPACE! Will my visitors feel suffocated? Will there be enough room for us to have fun?

A solution is always available: open up the space.

The Open Plan is a modern design style that makes the most of a floor’s open space by eliminating internal walls and doors to provide the
longest possible sight lines. Open-plan kitchens and open-plan living rooms are the most popular, since these are the areas where we
spend the most time entertaining.

It’s so easy to entertain in an open-plan kitchen/dining area. Why wouldn’t you want to brag about it?

When you have friends around for dinner, the last thing you want to do is dash in and out of the living room and kitchen to ensure that you
are paying equal attention to your cuisine and your guests. With an open kitchen/dining area, all you have to do is attempt to get as much
of your cooking and food preparation done before your guests arrive. The reason behind this is because, after your visitors have been set
up at the dinner table, it will be much more difficult for you to prepare and serve meals while being distracted by your guests, who will
insist on chatting to you constantly!

Choose a good-sized dining table with a welcoming appearance and enough room for guests to clink glasses and dine. Also, choose
comfy chairs that will allow visitors to sit in your kitchen and converse while you complete your dessert preparation.

Let us create the perfect Scottish entertaining space in your Glasgow kitchen to make the most of your home. Click here for more information.